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How to Have a Wonderful Kids’ Bedroom

February 11, 2016 Kids Room Ideas


One of the best things about kids is their ability to extract happiness out of little things and one such moment for them is to have their own bedroom space. They are quite right in their excitement, because this gives them the feeling of ownership and adulthood. This is a moment of happiness and excitement for parents too, because they have a chance to bring smile on their kids’ cute little faces. Since most of the parents have no idea how to go about it, we have come up with ‘How to Have a Wonderful Kids’ Bedroom’ to make sure your kids get happier and you get satisfied.


How to Have a Wonderful Kids’ Bedroom

1. Find out what they need and want

It is very important that parents take into account their kids’ likes and preferences while decorating a bedroom for them. In fact, this is the very first step that all parents wanting to get their kids a bedroom of their own, shall take. Once they know what their kids really want to have in there, they should come up with a decorating theme that best matches the kids’ preferences.

2 .Think about their storage needs

Whether you want to decorate a small room or a big one, budget friendly or expensive one, you need to keep in mind the growing storage needs of your children. They grow unbelievably quickly and so do their storage needs. From clothes they like to toys they want, the number always keeps growing. So, you have to be very particular about arranging them some reliable storage. This can be done in quite a few ways. One of the best ways is to resort to bunk beds with storage space by HomeArena. They not only give you much needed storage space, but also help in saving some floor space in the room, which is what kids want the most in their rooms.

3. Use their toys for decoration purposes

Where there are kids, there are toys. So, why not get the most out of your kids’ toys and use them as brightly coloured and wonderfully shaped decoration pieces in their bedrooms. Seeing their favourite toys around would surely make them happy.

4. Fun window treatments

Many parents seem to overlook this aspect of bedroom decor. On the contrary, fun window treatments will not only serve to add to the beauty of the room, but would also make your children happy and pleased to have all those colours around them.

5. Ceiling decoration

This is another aspect of kids’ room decoration that mostly remains underutilised. Decorating the ceiling will give your children’s bedroom a different but colourful and exciting touch, which they would love and adore.

6. Contribute in their learning too

As parents, you must never turn your eyes away from kids’ learning, not even while decorating a lovely bedroom for them. There is plenty of stuff available nowadays that can also contribute in your kids’ learning skills, from educational charts to drawings and toys.


Childhood is undeniably the best era of one’s life. As parents it is your obligation to help your kids get the best of their childhood. A little physical and mental engagement in endeavours like decorating their bedrooms would surely make you their superheroes. So, follow these simple tips to make life a happier affair for them.


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