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What is Part P Registration and Should My Electrician Have It?

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Everyone has a story about an electrician who promised the world but delivered nothing but poor workmanship and high prices. These ‘cowboy’ electricians are hated by all – not just the public, including fellow electricians, who are furious at them for disgracing their profession. But how do you know that the electrician you’re hiring is fully qualified and registered? Recommendations from those you trust play a huge part, but there are also a range of certifications, accreditations and registrations that are designed to protect you from those so-called cowboy electricians.


One such scheme is Part P Registration, but what is it and should your electrician have it? Read on to find out.


What is Part P Registration?
Part P Registration was introduced in January 2005 as part of the updated Building Regulations code. It ensures that all electrical work carried out within a domestic dwelling (like your home or garden) is carried out to a high standard by a qualified electrician. Part P certification can be acquired through a number of schemes, including BSI, ELECSA, NAPIT Certification, Certsure, STROMA, BESCA, Benchmark Certification and OFTEX. There are also schemes for those who carry out electrical installation work as a secondary activity of their profession, like plumbers, security engineers and builders.


To become certified, an electrician must be qualified in both wiring and building regulations, hold at least £2 million in public liability insurance and be regularly assessed by their governing body. They are then given a registration number which can be easily verified online.


Should my electrician be Part P registered?
We would always recommend hiring a Part P registered electrician. It’ll guarantee you quality job and save you from paying any building-control charges and land you a certificate that confirms the work carried out meets Building Regulations.


When you’re searching for something like ‘electrician Leeds’, look for confirmation of Part P registration. If you can’t find it on the website, call the electrician and ask them whether they’ve got it. If so, you can also ask for their registration number and check for yourself.


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