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Tips on Choosing The Best Fire Protection System for Your Home

December 19, 2016 Home Improvement


Is your home fire-proof?
What are your chances of surviving a fire?
Do you or your family members know what to do when a fire breaks out?


Protecting your home from fire should be the number one priority of every homeowner. Every year, fires are responsible for several deaths and millions of damages to property. And residential fires are the most common type of fires.


How do you choose the best fire protection system for your home? There are a lot of fire protection products in the market and it is very challenging task to find out which one fits your needs. Choosing your fire protection system can often lead to more questions than answers.


Which system will work for your home? Is having one fire alarm enough? Why do you need fire rated doors? What if the fire alarm goes off? Who should you go to to install your system?


Here are some tips to help you choose the fire protection system that’s suitable for your home.


1. Know what you need

How can you decide which products to buy if you don’t know what you need. Walk through your home and assess your fire risks. You can do it on your own but you can hire a professional who will do a thorough fire safety assessment of your home. Fire safety experts can see fire risks that we, normal people, often ignore.


2. Choose a reliable and trusted fire protection company to do the installation of your fire protection system.

Find someone with a good reputation for excellent services, quick customer service and has been in the industry for a long time. You need to make sure that your system is installed correctly and according to your local regulations. It’s better to hire a pro than have an amateur do the installation. Remember, your safety depends on whether your fire protection is working or not.


3. Make sure that the system you have chosen is compatible with compatible with commercially available products.

For example, it is easier to refill your fire extinguisher if it is compatible with commercial fire suppressing agents. You don’t want to wait for special products to be ordered from abroad to keep your system working.


4. Make sure that your fire protection has been installed according to local building codes and regulations.

Are your doors tagged? Are your fire alarms installed properly in the correct locations? Is your system easy to maintain?


Choosing the best fire protection system is crucial not only for your safety but also for your property. Remember that investing for your own protection is never a waste of money.


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