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Ten Ways To Improve Your Interior Design At Home

November 21, 2016 Home Improvement


Most people like to change their surroundings from time to time, and that’s why sometimes it’s nice to renovate our home. Changes can be minor like buying a painting or replacing the drawers. However, in many cases people like to make bigger changes in their homes by painting the walls, replacing the furniture or remodeling the whole living space. In this article, we have prepared a few ways to improve your home’s design according to specialists in this industry.


1. There are no rules in decorating

Your home decoration should reflect your personality and lifestyle. Moreover, when decorating your home, there aren’t any rules that should be followed. On the contrary, they are meant to be broken.


However, you must be careful not to mix many different styles. Find the right balance, or else your design can be either too boring or distracting.


2. Furniture shouldn’t be located next to the wall

Every home should express a welcoming feeling towards the people who inhabit it and their visitors. A home should represent the owner’s value and passions.


According to Betsy Burnham, when the furniture is not pushed next to the wall, the room instantly becomes more spacious and inviting.


3. Don’t neglect the ceilings

A common thing nowadays is, that people often ignore the ceilings because they are above. Most people rank the walls, furniture and floors above the ceilings.


What people don’t know is that they are incredibly important for every house. They reflect natural light, provide warmth and add a unique and personal touch.


4. The importance of colors

Every person can add color to his home by adding interesting accessories. It’s a wonderful way to make things different, especially if you are afraid to paint your colors with brighter colors. Make small changes by buying colorful blankets, lamps, paintings, pillows and rugs.


You must be careful when choosing colors for your home because they can influence your mood.


5. Wallpapers in unusual locations

You can place wallpapers in unexpected places such as ceilings, closets, hallways or living rooms. This is perfect for ceilings and stairwells, especially when the design is something unique.


For example, a white bedroom with patterned papered and colorful wall can add a fun twist.


6. Personalize your home

Your home becomes unique when your possessions are showcased. They must reveal a part of your personality to your family and visitors. You can show items from your adventures or any achievements you have made.


7. Experience new things

Don’t think that interior design is like marriage. Don’t be afraid to experiment and experience new things. Start small with new things and go bigger from there, you might actually like it.


8. Concentrate on comfort

The most important thing in your home is the comfort it provides to its inhabitants. It doesn’t matter whether you are minimalist, classic, bohemian or whether you like casual furniture or elegant one.


The well-designed home is livable, comfortable and fully
functional. You have enjoyed every moment in it!


9. Perfect lighting is mandatory

You must try to allow as much natural light to enter as possible. Consider where you live because the amount of natural light will depend on your location. Sit in every room throughout the day and determine where the lighting should be enhanced.


10. Accessories change the game

The decor isn’t finished if you don’t have the right accessories for it. They complete every living space and provide a finished look. This is also another way to add a personal touch to your space. Even if your home is colorless, accessories can change the atmosphere entirely.


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