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Installing or Repairing: Which is Better for Your Garage, and Your Home’s Value

August 25, 2016 Home Improvement


If your Atlanta garage door opener doesn’t work ,that’s a relatively easy fix. But if you have bigger garage door issues, you may be wondering whether it would be better to make repairs or just get a brand new garage door. What’s best for your garage as well as how it can affect your home value are factors you might want to consider.

If you have a fairly minor issue with your garage door, garage door repair McDonough GA is probably the better option for you. Minor issues include broken springs, problems with the sensors or remote or keypad issues. Any of these issues should be able to be fixed for a couple hundred dollars or so. Making repairs can be best for your garage in this situation and won’t have much impact on your home value


If your garage door has a major mechanical issue or cosmetic issues, then it’s probably better to replace it. A major mechanical issue might be a burned out motor, for example. A door that is warped, bent, dented or has peeling paint is worth replacing. Garage door installation in Atlanta can run you anywhere from a few hundred dollars to more than a thousand, depending on a number of factors.
The good news is, in terms of your home value, garage door replacement is one of the best investments you can make. According to Superior Garage Doors, most homeowners who replace will recoup nearly all the money you spend.


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