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How to Make Your house ‘Desireble’ When Selling

October 9, 2015 Home Improvement


You have just heard that the neighbour down the road has sold his property. You cannot believe it as he has just put his property on the market and yours has been on for nearly a year. So what is the secret to successfully selling your home? Selling your home is not down to luck but about presenting your house so that it is very attractive to buyers who cannot ‘resist’ it.

How to make your house as appealing as possible?

Complete any outstanding DIY jobs
It is surprising how many of us live in a home which still needs little jobs finishing, for example, the door that doesn’t shut properly, the half painted bedroom, a knob that has fallen of a drawer and has never been put back on. Either get yourself a good do-it-yourself guide or invest in a local handyman, but fix them you must.

Revitalize tired items.
If your kitchen or bathroom is out-of-date, there is no need to buy a new suite, consider replacing kitchen doors or just painting them up. Fit a new shower curtain; put in new hand towels, soap & toothbrush holders.

Ensure that tired paintwork is given a quick coat of paint and this will transform a room. Don’t replace carpets but get them cleaned if you can instead. However if a carpet cannot be rescued, invest in a cheap replacement.

A cluttered house is not using its space to its full capacity. A decluttered house gives the illusion of bigger space! Get rid of items you don’t want to take to your new home, you could always have a garage sale or hold a car boot sale. Also, anything big and old and ready for the rubbish tip can be taken away for free by most local Councils. Anything that you want to keep but takes up a lot of room in the house consider storing it in the garage or with a storage company. Remember buyers are trying to picture themselves living in your home!

Tricks of the trade
•Ensure your house smells welcoming – invest in a good air freshener or put that pot of coffee on.
•Invest in mirrors, particularly for the hallway. It can make a room feel larger; it reflects light and can make the entry flow into another room seamlessly. Mirrors compliment all decorations.
•Fresh flowers give an impression of cleanliness and helps to cheer a house up.
•On darker days always brighten up the home by turning on the lights.

Tidying up
Your house must be immaculate when presenting it to potential buyers. If you are a tidy person this will not pose a problem but if you are naturally untidy now is the time to change your ways! Stay on top of the hoovering, clear all the dishes from the draining board etc. Shiny worktops and gleaming floors really do impress the buyer.

Outside of the house – Improving your home’s curb appeal
The outside is as important as the inside – first impressions count! Ensure that your garden is tidy, that the lawn is mowed, your hedges are trimmed and the flowerbeds look attractive. Clean the door and if it needs a touch of paint do this. Ensure all windows are clean. If the outside of the house looks shabby buyers may think that your house is not well maintained.

Remember many buyers want to move into a house that has little work to do on it.

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