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Build your Modular Home With Prefabricated Timber Walls

February 11, 2016 Home Improvement


Gone are the days when people used to get their house constructed on the site. With the increasing awareness of the environment and modern practices, people have become more inclined towards the prefabricated houses. The walls of these houses are built with timber in a factory and these are then taken to the site. They are just required to be fit in the house without any hassles. These prefabricated timber walls are assembled according to the personalized required of the homeowner. In modular homes, a homeowner has the liberty to assemble any number of rooms if he/she has opted for these types of walls.


Build your Modular Home With Prefabricated Timber Walls


If you are still thinking about some good reasons to choose prefabricated timber walls over those thick traditional walls, then you must read on following-


5 Reasons behind popularity of prefabricated timber walls


1. Fast construction- When timber walls are already constructed beforehand, the entire construction of your home or office speeds up. With prefabricated timber walls, each room is constructed in the factory, and then it is fitted according to your choice. As compared to traditional walls, these prefabricated timber walls can actually do wonders for you. They are much faster to build and these look amazing.


2. Improved insulation- Once you have opted for prefabricated timber walls, you will never face any issue with the insulation. Since these walls are developed in a factory with utmost perfection and keeping in mind the needs of the homeowners, they are built with better insulation power. They provide much better insulation when compared with the traditional walls. It is true that walls that are built on the site are much thicker than these prefabricated ones but they still tend to sag.


3. Money saver- Since your prefabricated walls are good at insulation, you can save your hundreds of dollars on electricity. With this, you can easily save money on design costs, which you otherwise spend on building of a traditional wall. It reduces the construction costs and the money that is spent on lumber. The best part is that you can get the most unique type of walls in cost of just nothing. It is affordable, appealing and simply great.


4. Protection from bugs- With traditional walls, you often face the problem of bugs, as they take much time in being constructed and are exposed to damages. However, no such issues are faced when it comes to prefabricated timber walls. They are built in the factory keeping in mind the issues of bugs and are prepared within minimum possible time. This simply means that that these walls keep your home clean and hygienic.


5. Environment friendly- The world is going green and so is the popularity of these prefabricated timber walls. Since these walls are constructed with the help of renewable and recycled materials, they are much environment-friendly. These walls use less energy and hardly pollute the environment. This is the major reason behind homeowners preferring these types of walls. They are aesthetically designed keeping the safety of environment in concern.


Besides the previously mentioned reasons or benefits, these prefabricated timber walls are also stronger than traditional ones. They have better ability to handle natural disaster and withstand extreme conditions. Whether it’s a ferocious storm or surplus of water, these prefabricated walls will handle it all.


With so much to offer, choosing the best prefabricated timber walls are definitely the perfect way to go. It is imperative though pick out a good manufacturer when you choose to build your home or office with this nifty technology. Quality is paramount to get the best of these walls.


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