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Top 5 Home Remodeling Trends of 2014

August 21, 2015 Home Design

Without any doubt, home remodeling had been affected by the recent wave of recession, but the good news is that it is over now and things are heading back to normal, especially in home remodeling industry. According to some reliable surveys conducted during 2013, 2012 saw a boom of about 10% in remodeling business, with this trend to see another boost of about 10% in 2014. So, we bring you some home remodeling trends that are expected to dominate the scenario all through this year.

1. Modern Kitchens
The data compiled by Remodeling Magazine and Hanley Wood reveals that about 61% of remodelers are expected to take care of kitchen remodels more than any other room in home during 2014. Yesteryears were about rustic feel in kitchens with warm paint colors and matching cabinetry in combination with wrought hardware as well as lighting. However, this year is expected to see more of gray cabinetry, glossy finishes, simple countertops and minimalist designs. To introduce sleeker appearance in contemporary kitchens, appliances will be blended in the design or kept away from view.

Top 5 Home Remodeling Trends of 2014

2. Updated Bathrooms
According to data shared by the Hanley Woody survey, bathroom remodels will follow kitchen remodels in popularity during 2014, with 58 percent of remodelers aiming to uplift their bathrooms this year. As far as styling is concerned, resort-style bathrooms will be seen more than vintage bathrooms and claw-foot tubs. These modern bathrooms are expected to have features like large walk-in showers having multiple showerheads, jetted bathtubs and heated floors. Glass tiles are also expected to enjoy increased popularity along with cool neutral colors like light blue, ash gray and off-white.

Top 5 Home Remodeling Trends of 2014

3.Modern Bedrooms
Don’t be surprised to see more of wallpapered bedrooms this year, as wallpapers are back with a bang in modern bedrooms. In fact, textured wallpapers will also find their way in mainstream bedroom design for 2014. Stylishly designed single leather beds with artistic wallpaper can set the ambience right in your modern bedrooms.

4.Brass Accents
With brass already making a comeback last year in home remodeling conventions, the trend is continue to grow strong in 2014 as well. While there is nothing new in brass itself, it comes highly polished this time around, without lighting and bright brass hardware; all elegant dull hammered brass. This trend will make its way through kitchens, bathrooms and anywhere appropriate in 2014.

5.Sustainable Materials
Going green will come hand in hand with sustainability this year. This increased inclination of people towards getting green and sustainable has resulted in turning energy efficiency into an assumption rather than an add-on. People will turn to bamboo as one of the most used renewable materials, in addition to energy-efficient appliances.

If you had been looking for a much needed home remodel for past some time, but could not make it, 2014 is perhaps the best time to go about it, especially with remodeling industry gaining the momentum again. This way, you will not only actualize your dream of turning your home into the best place of the world, but will also add to the value of your home. So, get going and keep these modernistic trends into consideration to get the best of your home remodel endeavor.

Author Bio :
Helping her husband run a small (but popular) local furniture store, Stephanie Roderick is great when it comes innovative interior design ideas. She also finds time to share her views on some online furniture blogs.


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