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New Innovations for the Home with Glass Walls

December 24, 2015 Home Design


New Innovations for the Home with Glass Walls

Many homeowners across the country are finding new ways to revamp their homes to increase their value and sense of personal style. Due to the recent economic downturn, some homeowners are opting to remain in their current properties until the markets recover, before selling their homes as they search for something bigger or downsize for retirement. Several retirees are also revamping their homes to make them more comfortable and equipped for the unique needs of a retired resident, as they make preparations to age in their homes.

New Innovations for the Home with Glass Walls

A common home renovation now is the addition of glass walls to create a sense of openness and space within a home, while still maintaining important barriers and protections from the elements. The glass walls offer modern twists to traditional layouts, allowing for sunlight to shine in and keeping rooms warm and insulated. The glass walls are reinforced with special materials and technology to make them safer than ever, allowing for the structures to offer the same benefits as regular walls with a transparent upside. The glass in these large structures has been tested to meet government building codes for strength and they are double layered to be well insulated.

One couple in Portland, Oregon, recently installed 2,700 square feet of glass walls encompassing the majority of their property. The goal of the wall upgrades was to maximize the amount of sunlight able to penetrate into the home, as the Pacific Northwest is known for both sunshine and cloudy weather. The glass walls not only allowed for sunlight to enter, but for the family and guests to enjoy seeing the natural beauty surrounding their home at all times. The property was conveniently built adjacent to the stunning Mt. Hood, and the glass walls gave each room of the house a front row view of the outdoor splendor.

Homes across the country are taking advantage of modern glass walls to redesign home layouts and create a sense of open space. The new glass walls are made with invisible coatings that block heat and keep ultraviolet rays from fading furniture inside. Some glass walls are available in multiple panes containing argon or krypton gas to insulate in colder climates or keep cool air trapped during summer months. Consumers are also discovering the many benefits of glass walls that offer tinting capabilities to make walls darken on command for the ultimate level of comfort and privacy.

But glass walls are not just for homes, as a school in west London recently installed the transparent structures to enhance the beauty of the institution. The Holland Park School has glass walls surrounding its library to create a more open floor plan, as well as engulfing many other sectors of the building to allow for panoramic views of London and historical landmarks. The upgrades not only improve the functionality and atmosphere of the institution, but also make it a highly sought after school for many of the city’s elite children.

Office buildings, restaurants and even large sports stadiums have all made upgrades to incorporate folding glass walls. Cowboy Stadium is just one of many outdoor venues that features sliding glass walls. In each skybox they mounted a 8×12 bi folding wall so that patriants can open up their box to hear and feel the roar of the crowd and embrace the full stadium atmosphere. Or they can choose to have the skybox closed on a windy day or to have a quieter atmosphere and talk amongst each other and listen to the play call of their speakers inside the room.

The possibilities with glass walls is endless and they are sure to be a highlight feature to any building or structure. As more architectures realize the potentials with these technologies we can expect to see more innovation with glass.

Author Bio;
David Darga has been working in construction since he was 17 years old, he took over his father’s business at the young age of 24 and has turned it into a thriving success. David now focuses on luxury home renovations, featuring folding glass doors and other one of a kind builds.


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