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Popular styles of shutters to choose for home decoration

October 4, 2015 Home Decor


A window shutter, typically known as shutters or plantation shutters is a solid and stable window covering consisting of a frame of vertical stiles as well as horizontal rails. Within this frame there are lovers that are operable as well as fixed, fabric, solid panels, glass or any item that can be mounted within a frame. People employ shutters for some of the reasons such as controlling amount of sunlight that enters a room, providing privacy as well as security and protect against weather or unwanted intrusion of any external unwanted elements. This enhances aesthetics of the building or a room.

Popular styles of shutters to choose for home decoration

To achieve all the above factors, most of the people prefer installing shutters at their windows or doors. These are some of the top stylish and trendy shutters that most people look forward in order to install them. Below is listing of different types of shutters with a brief explanation of how it is used and where it would fit best:

• Interior shutters:
Interior shutters are those that hinge on either side of window opening and swing inwards just to allow light to enter the room or access the window. There are different types of interior shutters that are as follows:

•Plantation shutters:
Plantation shutters are popularly known as and referred as ultimate window covering. Versatility of these shutters makes them desirable for both traditional and contemporary decors. These shutters commonly have a high resale value along with effective insulation; block light and ability to regulate with extensive good looks.

•Cafe type shutters:
Cafe type shutters are half height shutters that cover the lower section of the window only. If you want, you can leave the panels closed for the majority of time. If in a private room you want to tilt the blades at an angle of 45 degree you can do it, as it will provide you privacy because passers-by are not able to see through the blades. Those who want to keep curtains and want to close it during night times to make a room feel cosy can opt for cafe type window shutters.

•Full height shutters:
Full height shutters are installed in houses for those who do not wish to retain another window covering. Full height shutters with operable louvered shutters gives greater control as the louvers above the divider rail can be operated independently from the louvers below the divider rail.

Popular styles of shutters to choose for home decoration

Exterior shutters:
Exterior shutters were constructed for light control, protection from unwanted elements and privacy. These shutters hinge on either side of a window or at the top and swing closed when necessary. There are different types of exterior shutters that are as follows:

•Solid panel shutters:
Solid panel shutters are generally used for protection during severe weather conditions. This can be opted if one is looking for traditional look shutters. These types of shutters are made up of pine wood that are more often built into window recess areas, for panels to fold completely out the way.

•Board and batten shutters:
These shutters are a siding consisting of wide boards or sheets of plywood set vertically with butt joints covered by battens. These generally have solid panels used for protection during severe weather.

•Hurricane or storm shutter:
Hurricane shutters are designed in such a way that it protects windows and doors of building against effects of high winds, rain as well as flying objects during hurricane or as security gates on opening. These are used to prevent windows from being broken by flying objects during storm.

Author Bio:
Jacob, working with shutter making company since many years likes to write and post blogs and articles on various topics. Here he is listing different types of shutters like plantation shutters, cafe type window shutters, hurricane shutters and many more that people prefer for their home decoration.


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