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Beautify Ceiling With Gypsum Decorative Will More Interesting

September 3, 2012 Home Decor


Beautify Ceiling With Gypsum Decorative Will More Interesting. One way can be taken to enhance your home is decorate the ceiling using plasterboard. Gypsum board is relatively inexpensive. Thus, with limited budget, your dream home can happen.

Excess of the ceiling gypsum board
However high ceiling of the house, you can use gypsum. Gypsum boards are available in a variety of styles, patterns and sizes. Starting from the minimalist style, to classic style, you can still take advantage of this material.
The nature of gypsum board are also non-flammable. Although exposed to fire, gypsum board will not produce harmful substances. Only, gypsum boards are more susceptible to water. If exposed to water, easy to grow mushrooms.

Beautiful Living Room Gypsum Ceiling Beautify Ceiling With Gypsum Decorative Will More Interesting

Adding to the beauty of the room
By using gypsum board, you can create a dramatic impression in a room. You can turn the ceiling and walls to make the room interesting. Gypsum board you can use to create unique shapes and beautiful in a variety of sizes. Especially seeing the decorative gypsum ceiling every waking, of course it felt good.

Gypsum Ceiling Living Room Decorating Beautify Ceiling With Gypsum Decorative Will More Interesting

Dramatic impression
For tips, you can play the lighting of the room to get a more dramatic impression on your room. Because the gypsum board is also good at hiding its light does not highlight the room lights directly, but rather reflected. In this way, in addition to the unique shape, indirect lighting to highlight suitable place to rest and feel more comfortable.

Using Gypsum Ceiling in Living Room Beautify Ceiling With Gypsum Decorative Will More Interesting

Paint the gypsum board
Before doing so, make sure you have closed all the areas you do not want to paint with tape. Do not forget to also seal the floor with plastic or newspaper to prevent the floor from paint splashes. It’s good, the part that connects with wood, windows, doors or trim you paint with a small brush. This way, you avoid paints that “pollute” the parts you do not want painted.

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