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Why You should Invest in Security System Monitoring in Edmonton for Your Business

October 29, 2015 Guest Post


In the past, the best defense for a break-in at your business is a loud, blaring alarm, with the hope someone would be nearby to hear it. Times have definitely changed. With security system monitoring in Edmonton for your business, you can have your business monitored every minute of every day, reducing the chance of a burglary or other undesirable event. No matter the size of the business you have, there is a security system with remote monitoring that will not only match your needs, but also your budget.


Benefits of Security System Monitoring
When you hire a professional service for your security system monitoring, you will have your business protected at all times – when you are there, and when you are away. Hiring a professional team will ensure the work is done properly, and the alarm will perform as expected, fully protecting your business.


Why this is a Good Investment
What is your method of protection for your business when no one is around? Locks? Dummy cameras? While these are decent forms of protection, most businesses require a bit more, such as security system monitoring. These systems offer a closed circuit television system, as well as alarms, all connected to an outside service that will take care of monitoring your premises. The monitoring service will contact the fire department or police if any type of suspicions activity takes place, with a response time of just a few minutes.


In most cases, the alarm company that sets up the surveillance will offer packages for monitoring your business. These packages can be customized to your business’s particular needs and the budget you have for the monitoring service.


Disarming is not Possible
When you install a monitored security system, you will never have to worry about it being disarmed since it is linked to a hired, outside service. This works for a number of different systems, not just for detecting break-ins. The monitoring service can also keep track of fire alarms and contact the proper emergency services if necessary. This type of system provides you with comprehensive protection that will give you peace of mind regarding the health and continued success of your business.


The most important advantage offered by security system monitoring is peace of mind. With 24 hour monitoring you don’t have to worry that something will happen and you will not be aware of it. These services are designed to ensure you know what is going on with your business, no matter if you are there, or away. Finding the right alarm company, like My Universal Home, can offer a business owner the guidance they need.


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