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Why and How to Choose Crib

October 21, 2015 Guest Post


Why and How to Choose Crib

Crib refers to the bed for infant. There are many cribs in different style on market and the price variance is large. Should parents buy crib? What is the proper size for crib?Infant grow during sleep. High quality sleep can affect its brain and physicaldevelopment. Therefore, it is necessary to buy crib.

Why should parents buy crib?
Although people may have different opinion on crib, the advantages of crib are obvious: safety consideration; good sleeping environment for parents and baby; cultivate independence of baby.

Why and How to Choose Crib

Firstly, safety
Parents may press baby when sleep ormuffle baby’s head by quilt. It is very dangerous. The guard bar around crib can prevent baby from falling down.

Secondly, provide sleeping quality
There would be better air ventilation when baby sleep separately with parents.It would be good to improve the sleeping quality of baby.The average sleeping time of newly born baby is 18 hours. This means that most of the time baby is in sleeping statement. If baby sleep with parents, the carbon dioxide exhaled by parents will do harm to baby. Independent crib has good air ventilation. The air is fresher. Baby can have high quality sleeping. For the sleeping quality of baby, comfort sleeping environment is necessary.

Why and How to Choose Crib

The physiological requirement of baby
Baby may piss or shit at any time. This is the normal physiological requirement of baby. It would be inconvenient to deal with this situation when baby piss or shit on parents’ bed. Therefore, buy an independent bed for baby is necessary.

Cultivate the independence of baby
Crib can avoid baby be excessive reliance to mother and cultivate his or her independence. Puericulturist suggest that baby should sleep in different bed with parents within 3 years old and sleep in different room under 6 years old.

What is the proper size for crib?
Parents may pay attention to environmental protection performance, material, accessories, and neglect the size of crib. In fact, crib size is very important. What should parents pay attention to on crib size?

Firstly, do not be too high
The bed board height of crib is better to be the same with or a little higher than parents’ bed board. The height of guard bar should be adjustable. With similar bed board height and adjustable guard bar, parents can parallel crib with their bed and convenient to take care of baby in night. The height of guard bar is better not over 35 cm, or it will be inconvenient to embrace or place baby in crib. The internal height should not less than 30 cm. when the bed board is set at the highest place, the interval of mattress and bed edge should be at least 20 cm. when bed board is set at the lowest place, the interval of mattress and bed edge should be at least 50 cm. Or baby may turn out of crib by themselves.

Secondly, do not be too short
When the crib is shorter than 50 cm, parents would have to bend down deeply to embrace and take care of baby. Besides, the dust content in air close to floor is higher.

Thirdly, do not be too long
Parents may think that longer the crib is?the longer the use time of crib will be. It would be more cost effective to choose longer crib. On one side, it will occupy more space in bedroom and not convenient to place. One the other side, considering quality, the preference of baby and other factors, baby may not sleep on the crib in long term. Therefore, the length of crib is better to be less than 1.2 m. If you want to choose a crib that can satisfy the needs of baby in different period, then crib with adjustable function is recommended.

Fourthly, do not be too wide
Generally speaking, the wide of crib should not exceed 75 cm. crib need to move freely in bedroom, living room, dining room. If it is wider than 75 cm, crib cannot get into and out of door freely. The standard width of door frame is 80 cm;the thickness of door is 4 cm. Considermachining error and necessary interval, 75 cm is the upper limit for crib width.

Fifthly, proper fenceinterval
The interval of fence is 5 cm to 6 cm. The distance between any two structural components is better to be controlled in 5.2 cm to 5.8 cm. if the interval is too small, finger, fist, feet of baby may be blocked. If the interval is too large, the head of baby may stretch out.

Sixthly, load bearing of crib
The load bearing of crib should not less than 30 kg. The average weight of 3 years old baby is 20.5 kg. The connection between different parts of bed should be firm and stable. Iron and solid wood bed board are the most common choice for crib.

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