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Wedding Arch Ideas

October 16, 2015 Guest Post


When planning your wedding you may be considering adding a wedding arch for you and your loved one to stand in front of when exchanging your vows. Wedding arches are a nice addition because they ensure that you are properly centered in front of your guests, and they make an excellent backdrop for wedding photos. When it comes to arches you have many different types of materials, décor, and shapes to choose from. If you are searching for the perfect arch for your special day here are a few ideas to consider.

Wedding Arch Ideas

Traditional Arch
A traditional rounded arch is a nice option that can be decorated with flowers, ribbons, and embellishments in your wedding colors. You can choose from pre-made wooden or iron arches, or you can have an arch made out of a natural material such as twigs found in the forest. The base of the most traditional arches is often painted white, or a gray or black metallic color. You can cover your arch almost completely to disguise the material it is made from, or allow the material to be part of your décor.

Draped Arch
Another option to consider is an arch draped with flowing chiffon and fabrics. Draped arches can be made out of the same materials as traditional arches, they just take on a much different shape. Some draped arches are part of a canopy with four legs, while others have two legs. The legs of your arch can be statement pieces like columns, or made with a fairly slender design. While the drapery will be your primary decoration, you can further embellish the top and corners of your draped arch with flowers, ribbons, and other decorations.

Wooden Pergola
If you will be getting married in a warm climate you may be looking for a way to create a beautiful focal point that will also provide shade. The last thing you want to be doing on your wedding day is sweating in your dress or tux. This would not only be uncomfortable, it would be apparent in the wedding photos you want to cherish for years to come. An elegant way to achieve shade is to have a wooden pergola built. Wooden pergolas can be left their natural wood color or painted any color you desire. You can weave vines, greenery, and flowers in between the wood to further create shade. You can even use the techniques mentioned above to frame and soften the edges of its square shape.

Eclectic Arch
Most wedding arches are pre-made or are custom made in traditional styles. If you are looking for a way to create an arch but want to use nontraditional or repurposed materials to create an unexpected arch you have many options to choose from. Consider using old doors to create a decorative screen, wooden ladders to create an arch with unique shelves, or combine multiple repurposed materials to create a custom arch. You can even string outdoor lights or lanterns from your arch to give it a soft illumination.

Whether your wedding is classic, elegant, artsy, high-end, or low-budget, a wedding arch is the ideal place to exchange your vows.

Article written by Jaret Miret, (new) husband and home handyman. Jared built his own wedding arch, but recommends you check out Wood Crafters, your leader for pergolas in Houston for both special events and just to improve your home.


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