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Waterproofing Solutions for Your Basement

January 1, 2016 Guest Post


By their very nature, basements are underground and with those come inherent issues associated with the fact that basements are poor ventilated and receive little exposure to natural air and light. What’s more, because basements are underground, they are susceptible to water damage. Flooding in the basement can cause lots of damage, from structural problems and damage to property to the growth of mold and other issues.


Both dampness and actual water leakage are two major concerns that homeowners have when it comes to their basements. When the basement is damp and/or wet, the entire house is at risk not just the basement. Problems can arise that threaten the structure and foundation, any belongings stored in the basement can be at risk of water damage. The mold that can grow in such wet environments can also become airborne and cause significant health problems for the members of your household. That’s why it is so important that you contact a company such as to protect your basement from water damage.

Waterproofing companies have many advanced techniques for protecting your home against water damage, so whether you have already noticed some water or dampness in your basement or whether you are simply taking a proactive approach, there is a home waterproofing solution that is right for your home.

Before you make that call, however, there are things you can do to eliminate possible causes of water in your basement. To start, be sure your downspouts and gutters are clear and not blocked by debris. In addition, ensure there is enough extension on your downspout to carry runoff water at least 3-5 feet away from your home. That way, rainwater won’t have the chance to leak in through the foundation and into the basement. If you take those steps and you are still worried about water in the basement, call in a professional waterproofing company.

A reputable company will take stock of the situation and determine the source of the water in your basement. The problem could be any of several things, including: a crack in the pipes, sub-standard plumbing or building materials, poor drainage, and more. From there, a plan of action can be devised to try to divert water away from the basement. One way this can be achieved can be through the installation of a drain system in the ground around your home. This will divert water away from your home and help to keep your basement dry.

This is just a brief overview of what basement waterproofing options are out there. To get a true picture of what services and options might be best for your particular situation, contact an expert. They can come to your house and do a first-hand assessment of the situation and make recommendations based on the extent and cause of the issue as well as other factors.


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