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Tips for Installation and Maintaining Vinyl Floors

August 23, 2015 Guest Post


Tips for Installation and Maintaining Vinyl Floors

Vinyl floors look extremely elegant and improve the aesthetic appearance of any room. It is important to get the vinyl flooring done correctly if you want the floors to last. Improper installation will result in a complete wastage of money and effort.


Tips for Installation

Installation of the vinyl floor is not a very easy task. Laying out the floor in a correct fashion will enable you to get the best results.

The base floor must be completely smooth before you lay the vinyl flooring over it. Jagged edges with not only cause the vinyl boards to crack up later but they can also create innumerable problems while the boards are being laid down.

There may be dust accumulated over the base floor along with grit and dirt. Removal of these things is necessary before the vinyl boards are laid down. If there is dirt and dust then the board might not fix properly. In particularly bad scenarios, the vinyl boards might even come out after they have been installed.


The adhesives should be chosen with care. It is always better to use the adhesive recommended by the manufacturer of the vinyl boards. Again, if the improper adhesives are used, you will end up with a floor that may easily come out.


Vinyl tiles should be installed in a proper order. It should start from the center of the room rather than the edges. If it starts from the center, then the tiles can be easily cut to ensure a perfect fit at the edges. Measure the room beforehand to ensure the perfect fit of the vinyl flooring.

Once the floors have been installed properly, you need to know about the different ways to maintain the vinyl floors.


Tips to Maintain Vinyl Floors

Vinyl floors require a lot of maintenance. However, the process has become much easy over the years. Just like any other flooring, vinyl flooring will have to suffer a lot of abuse in the form of spills, mud and drops. However, with a proper maintenance program in place, you can be rest assured that your vinyl floors will last longer. With a little bit of effort, your vinyl flooring will keep looking great all the time.


Manufacturer Recommendations

Most manufacturers provide a set of instructions about proper care required for their vinyl floors. You can follow these recommendations to ensure longevity of the flooring. In fact, the manufacturer will provide a set of recommended products that can be used to clean the vinyl floors. It is better to use the recommended products. Certain cleaners can end up damaging the floors irreversibly and this is the reason why the list is provided.


Of course a general cleaning is must for vinyl floors. The manufacturer will provide you with a two-step process in order to maintain the beauty of vinyl floors. However, some provide a three-step process. The process generally encompasses a cleaner, a stripper and also a finishing product. The manufacturers will also tell you how many times the products can be used. Following the regimen will ensure that the vinyl flooring looks brand new all the time.


A cleaner is generally used weekly. It can also be used frequently without problems. This simply cleans the vinyl floors of dirt and is usually diluted before use.


A stripper fluid is used only occasionally, mostly once a year. This fluid eliminates the soapy residue that accumulates after normal cleaning procedures.


The finishing product or refinishing product restores the shine of a vinyl floor. It is best to follow the manufacturer’s recommendation on this product as too much of it can affect the beauty of the finish.


Vinyl flooring requires a lot of care, both during the installation and afterwards. However, the beauty can be unparalleled. Want you know more tips for Installation of the vinyl floor? Then please just click here.


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