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Tips For Improving Your Backyard For Summer

August 28, 2015 Guest Post


Summer comes with long and warm days, which invite you to spend more time outside. So you have to enhance your backyard and add new entertaining features for the upcoming season, in order to enjoy the long summer nights at the fullest. And because you don’t want to spend lots of money to improve your backyard, let’s take a look at some interesting DIY projects.


A fire pit for your summer camping
A vintage fire pit or one which sports a modern look can enhance your life as well as your backyard. You can make lots of marshmallows, give entertaining BBQ parties and gather your friends around the fire in the most natural way that can exist in the middle of the busy cities. Electric fire places are all the rage nowadays, so you may want to look into that.


Create a tractor pond
To complete your garden with all the natural elements, you need a pond. And the easiest way to create one is using an old tractor tire, which you can seal on a side and fill with water, then hide beneath a layer of pebbles, decorative plants or lighting ensembles.
If you wish, you can try to populate your small pond with fish, but make sure you pick breeds which can survive outside, in a small environment.


Add a hammock
If you don’t have a hammock until now, it’s time to buy one or craft one, depending on what you want. There are multiple DIY projects out there which teach you how to create a lovely hanging feature, but if you want to relax in a modern shell-like hammock or you want a modern swing, hit the online stores and find your favorite.


Kiddie style fun
For the kid inside you, have fun building your reading nook. You need an old and large teepee or a random tent, lots of pillows, an old carpet and whatever you fancy as furniture. Here are some ideas: a barrel, a suitcase or a child’s chair make perfect coffee tables. Don’t forget to add a net to prevent bugs from getting in during your reading time.


Build a giant chess table
There are lots of games you can build in your backyard, but this one can be a funny 2 in 1, as you can use pallets as the board and more pallets as the pawns, which can also be used as seating for your relaxing nights or parties. And because they can be painted in any color you want, you can have a colorful chess game to keep the kids busy for hours in the summer days.


There are plenty of ways to give a complete makeover to your backyard, so don’t limit yourself to these above. If you are a sports fan, your backyard can become the practice ground for anything ranging from something as exotic as archery to something more traditional as golf or football. Experiment and have fun playing around with your friends and family and creative ideas will soon come to you. If you need a boost, visit couple of backyard sales and you are guaranteed to bring home old objects for a new tale to tell.


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