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Tips for a Great Workout for Beginners and Veterans Alike

March 29, 2017 Guest Post


It doesn’t matter if you’ve just decided recently to start going to the gym or if you’re a gym veteran that everyone knows around the iron and treadmills. You are worthy of a round of applause either way, because it’s never too late to better yourself. However, in both scenarios something might not be clicking right. Just because you’ve started frequenting the gym doesn’t instantly mean you’ll get everything right immediately. The same goes from long time goers. After a long track record, things might start to feel a bit stale or unsatisfying in terms of results. If you’re having a hard time finding your mojo in the gym or re afraid you’ve lost your touch, here are some tips to keep in mind or remember to ensure a better overall gym workout.


Water is life. Literally. Make sure you drink plenty of water and that you go to the gym hydrated. Once at the gym, have a water bottle with you as well. Between reps you can squeeze a sip of water to rejuvenate yourself and find a fresh, new, and strengthened resolve. Don’t overdo it though, because drinking too much water can make you feel heavy and ruin your workout.


Know your limits
Knowing your limits in the gym is crucial. Probably the most important thing to keep in mind in the gym, knowing your limits will not only make sure that you progress and get better results each time, but also that you don’t injure yourself. Forget whatever videos you’ve seen online and just focus on what it is that you can do every single workout. Doing this will also raise the bar and soon enough, the limits of today will soon be the impossible of yesterday.


Consider nutrition-bars
Nutrition-bars are an often times tasty supplement that you can take before or after a workout. Depending on what type of bar you’re taking, you can either boost your performance by giving your body a potent burst of protein ready to go as you start your workout, or that your body has protein available to convert into muscle right after the workout when the entire body is more focused than ever.


Combine cardio and weight lifting
Doing either of them in the absence of the other makes for an incomplete and only half effective workout. In some cases, it can even be in the detriment of gym attendee. Make up a schedule where you do a bit of cardio before lifting weights, and possibly some more before you hit the showers. You can inverse the two in the schedule in case you want to focus more on cardio. However you plan it, a schedule will help you stay sharp and maintain a balance between workout types.


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