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These Are the People You Don’t Want in Your New Room

August 15, 2015 Guest Post


When you’ve gone through the process of redesigning one of your rooms and having renovations done, you will no doubt be highly excited and pleased by the outcome and want to show as many people as possible how great your property now looks.

But while you’ll be understandably excited, it’s very important that you think carefully about who you want to show your rooms right away. Some people can be a bit of a hazard when it comes to properties, and are probably better off kept at a safe distance…

The Friend Who Always Brings Their Dog
Most of us know at least one friend who seems to always want to invite their dog along to events – regardless of whether you said they could, or even whether you’ve got a cat. Now with the best will in the world, dogs just aren’t great for your home and will be liable to leave hairs all over the place, to chew your furniture and quite possibly to urinate. You wouldn’t let a human round who did those things, so until this friend learns that they don’t always have a plus one for their pooch, you might want to think twice about having them round.

The New Mum
Likewise, Mum’s who always feel the need to bring their young children should also be kept away for as long as possible. It’s more understandable of course that they should bring their little companion with them seeing as they’d otherwise have to find a sitter, but that doesn’t make the milky vomit all over your new kitchen cabinets anymore welcome…

The Accident Prone Friend
Another character that most of us are familiar with is the perpetually accident-prone friend. These are the kinds of people who seem to be followed around by calamity, and who are constantly either knocking things over, falling on things, or snapping things off in their hands. Invite them round by all means, show them your new room through the window even, but maybe keep them from actually touching anything.

The Muscle Head
Another person who should probably ‘look but not touch’ is the muscle head that doesn’t know their own strength. You would hope that it would take some considerable force to break off your new doorknob, but then again there’s no need to have it stress tested on day one…

The Kleptomaniac
Hopefully none of your friends or family are regularly overcome by the irrepressible urge to steal your things, but if they are you should probably keep them out of your new rooms where you’ll have lots of nice new items on show. Also, consider getting them help…

Friends Who Have Just Been Playing Football
‘Hey, I was just out playing football with the guys and I was wondering if you wanted me to swing by and check out that new room you’ve been banging on about?’
The answer is no. They are covered in mud and there’s a good chance they’ll be bringing the whole team…

The Guy Who Always Wants a Party
A newly decorated room is for most people a cause to treat your property with a newfound caution and respect. To others though it is a call to have a massive party and invite the entire neighbourhood. That would be nice of course, only it will end up demolishing the room you were celebrating. If you know a friend who always wants to have a party, then you might not even want to tell them about the renovation…

Your Mum
You know how you just spent thousands on turning your kitchen into the dream version of itself that you always wanted? Well there are few things that can ruin that as much as a few simple words from your Mum. Sure mud, vomit, dog muck and party animals are unwanted, but even those things are probably preferable to:
‘It would have looked even better in green…’

Leslie Kramer, the author of this post, is a freelance blogger, who is currently writing for Corefrontsa well-known name in custom renovations. Leslie is a movie buff and likes to work on DIY craft projects with her kids in her free time.


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