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The Significance of Domes

October 15, 2015 Guest Post


The round shaped hollow structure at the top of any architecture is known as a dome. These are structures that have been in use, since the ancient times and can still be seen in different parts of the world.

Though dome structures have been used extensively in all types of architecture, religious structures use them the most. What do you think is the reason behind it? The reason is the foundation of every movement in the universe or in simpler words, energy. Energy forms the base of our existence and is the primary source of our sustenance. Hence, domes are featured by many religious monuments across the world, as they can serve as storehouses of energy.

Domes have a unique capability of amassing energy, so, whenever you enter a religious structure, you will feel an air of peace and calm. This is because the energy stored by these structures of a holy place has immensely tranquil effects and provides the devotees with a lot of relaxation and peace.

Domes can be of various kinds – glass, concrete, carved out of stones and more. However, their contribution towards the spreading of positive energy has remained unchanged. The religious monuments are already rich in calming and tranquil dynamisms with incense sticks emitting Ether, candles /glass domes providing light and sound through bells and hymns. The presence of domes adds to this richness, as they store the purifying energies within them and transfer them to the devotees in good proportions.

The shape of a dome interestingly resembles the shape of the earth’s sphere. In the olden days, it was believed that the sky was a protective cover over the earth’s sphere. The sky was considered as a wall between the earth and the heavenly bodies. Thus, the imagery of the sky with various divine symbols and celestial bodies are depicted on the interior parts of these hollow ceilings.

As we all know, energy can neither be created nor destroyed, then why not transform it to a harbinger of peace? It is this effort that probably gave rise to the concept of domes. Like prescribing Vaastu remedies have been prevalent since long, these rounded structures also have a part to play in this process. Like Vaastu Shastra for houses brought prosperity into houses, domes have successfully acted as a medium of encompassing and transmitting healthy energies at religious sites.

Author bio:

Neeta Sinha is a renowned Astro-Architect with commendable experience of more than 25 years. She believes that the proper practice of Astro-Architecture in one’s environment can fill the inhabitants’ life with joy and prosperity.


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