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The Complete Guide For Home Inspections

November 19, 2015 Guest Post


A home inspection is a cheap way to determine the universal value and condition of a home. If a home is not a top shape, the inspector will explain why the home is not worth buying. The following tips and tricks were provided to use by our friends in Melbourne, Home First Property Inspections.


Pre Purchase Inspection Options

There are several home inspection options that can be conducted before a home is purchased. Though, the most important service is a general home inspection. During a basic inspection, a certified inspector inspects the interior, ventilation, insulation, plumbing, and every electrical socket. After the inspection is complete, the inspector will provide a report that has suggestions about improvement and repair recommendations. In most cases, an inspection will reveal issues that may be too expensive to repair.


Pre Purchase Inspection Advice For Buyers

Although professional inspections are valuable, you can also tackle a few inspection tasks alone.



The ceilings and walls in every room should not have any cracks or shifts.



Ensure that there are no signs of leaks in the interior of the attic.



The basement should not be damp, but it should have adequate insulation. If the home has a crawlspace, you should let a professional inspect it.



All switches should be operational; when you test the outlets, ensure that they are grounded.


Common Problems Found During Building Inspections

If you want a thorough inspection, you must hire a qualified home inspector. Though, if you understand what to look for, you can take helpful notes during the evaluation.


Building Inspections – Water Damage

Water damage to a structure leads to rot and mold. If water drains toward the building, the crawlspaces will become wet or damp. As a result, settlement, foundation movement, and cracking will occur. If the water moves up the foundation, the walls will rot. A building usually has foundation movement when the windows are not centered, when the interior doors have gaps when they are closed, and when the floors are not level.


Property Inspection Mistakes Made By Buyers

Newly constructed homes must be inspected. Most people think that a new home has already passed all ordinances and local codes; however, many new homes are not in good condition. An inspector can find any major defects that could reduce the home’s value in the future.


Do not hire an inspector for the wrong reason. You must hire a professional who will provide a full inspection service. The inspector must also be trustworthy and competent. Never hire an inspector who offers the cheapest inspection services.


Always follow the inspector during the inspection because the report will not give you a clear picture of the house’s condition.


After the inspection, consider each recommendation that the inspector provides. In some cases, an inspector may suggest an additional evaluation for some issues.


Bonus Property Inspection Advice

The best home inspectors may make mistakes. When they miss important items, you may have to deal with major problems in the future. This can be a huge concern for some homeowners because some states do not have insurance requirements for home inspectors. To avoid costly mistakes, always hire a company that offers Errors and Omission coverage.


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