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The Best Places in Your Home for a Wall Mural

July 24, 2015 Guest Post


Wall murals, such as a wildlife wall mural or a large-scale piece of abstract art, can make a truly unforgettable statement in your home. They can suit every décor style in every room. The trick is knowing how to properly decorate to best accent your mural, and the best ways in which to incorporate large-scale artwork into each room.


Master Bath
Your master bath should be a place of relaxation and retreat, a place to pamper yourself. How better to do that than to gaze out onto a beautiful tropical beach? Although not all of us are lucky enough to have that kind of view beyond our bathroom window, you can get a similar relaxing effect with a mural of a serene beach scene. Hang it in a position where you can gaze on it as you soak way your troubles in your bathtub. Having a dreamy mural to look at while you soak can add to the effect and make you feel even more relaxed.


A child’s bedroom
A child’s bedroom is a perfect place for a wall mural. This is the perfect place to let your imagination run wild! Here, you can place a mural of her favourite animal, a jungle scene, a dreamy fairy land – anything their heart desires! How about an under-the-sea adventure, complete with dolphins, fish, coral reef and scuba divers? Or a pirate ship heavy with plundered treasure? A wall mural can make your child’s bedroom a one-of-a-kind expression of who they are.


Home office
A home office isn’t a place one thinks of in terms of creating a respite, but the truth is if you are going to have to spend time there working (probably several hours a day) why not make it a place you love to be in? Your home office wall mural can be anything you want, but think about the mood you are trying to create. Do you want to create a place that stimulates creativity and imagination? Or would you prefer a place that makes you feel relaxed and able to focus? Do you want your space to remind you of your family? From bright, bold, abstract patterns to typography and anything in between, decorating your office with mural is the perfect way to express yourself.


Basement rec room
What’s your passion? Do you love hockey? Are you passionate about football? Why splash that passion all over your rec room walls with a mural? Maybe you’re more of a movie-lover. That’s great! Create a mural that will give your basement a decidedly theatre-like feel.


Living room
The living room is another perfect place to express yourself on the walls. Popular choices for wall murals for common living spaces include cityscapes, such as the Eifel Tower, the Golden Gate Bridge or the lights of New York City, but don’t stop there. A large family photo can be a beautifully personal touch, as can a mural of words and dates that tell your family’s history.


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