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Redecorating with Stylish Furniture

January 13, 2016 Guest Post


This article is about redecorating using stylish furniture. It discusses ways of getting this kind of furniture and how you can help the environment with your decoration choices both at home and in an office

If you want to be environmentally responsible it can be difficult to know where to look for new furniture and fixtures. You may want wooden living room items but not know where to get them, or contemporary office furniture that looks expensive but fits in a budget and it may seem impossible to find but with a bit of clever searching you will have a gorgeous home and stylish contemporary office furniture with ease.

Work From Home In Comfort
If you have the option to work from your home it can seem like a great option, but actually getting down to work can be tricky with all the potential distractions. Make a space, ideally a room but if you do not have one spare then the corner of a room will do and fit it out as your office. There is plenty of choice when it comes to contemporary office furniture and you will be able to find items that are sourced from responsible forestry sites or that use recycled materials if you want to do your bit for the environment. A well fitted out and comfortable home office will make it much easier for you to get down to work and focus on what you are supposed to be working on, although doing the washing up may suddenly seem very attractive.

Deck Out The Office
If you work in an office and have any say about the sourcing of new furniture you can make a difference to the environment and kit your office out with some stylish contemporary office furniture. Get a new meeting room table from a sustainable source; a polished wood table with some contemporary office furniture is a great contrast and looks smart and businesslike. Choose chairs that are comfortable rather than look good, so that you don’t have uncomfortable colleagues with chronic backache. Fit out your offices with wooden bookcases and desks; good quality wood from renewable sources will be properly identified and it will last for a long time so make sure you order a classic style that won’t look dated in a few years.

It can be very straightforward to find attractive furniture for a home office or for an office that you work in and it needn’t be very expensive in order to be environmentally responsible. Choose a supplier that sources its materials from sustainable woodlands that are replanted and properly managed; never go for rainforest materials as these tend to be slow growing and not renewable. A good manufacturer will be accredited and able to tell you exactly where their materials are from, so take a little extra time to ensure you are buying responsibly.

Molly Turner is an interior designer who designs homes and offices. She always tries to use environmentally responsible furnishings and equipment and has found that it is easy to find stylish contemporary office furniture and attractive and trendy home fittings that are also safe for the environment at a reasonable price if you know where to look.


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