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Mistake-Free Wall Paint Selection For Your home

August 30, 2015 Guest Post


When it comes to choosing a colour for painting your house, many things should be taken into account, such as the size of the room, its purpose, the furniture and their colours. Making a decision may not look such easy a task, so take a look at the following tips that can help you in making the right choice of colours.


People often make a mistake of choosing the same colour of furniture and paint of the walls. Instead, you can accent furniture by choosing lighter nuances of the colour that is on your walls, or by matching the walls with a similar nuance for the pillows on your bed.

Another common mistake is picking colours which are inappropriate for the space, such as dark colours for the bathroom – this cause the effect of the space seem as if it was smaller than it really is, but in bathrooms that is completely opposite of what you need. Instead, you should use bright colours for the bathroom.


And when it comes to playing it safe with white and cream an beige – you should avoid this rule of thumb, because choosing the right colours come from their purpose, so unless you want to lose appetite in the dining room, you should avoid these two colours. Another appetite suppressant is blue, so do not use in the kitchen in any combination!


Some colour therapists believe that gray is the colour of fear and depression, and the combination of red and black causes anger, so maybe it would be wise to avoid these. Instead, you can use gray in your closet or in the pantry – nobody will get depressed in those two rooms.


Dos and win-wins
When it comes to kitchen, you should use yellow, orange and especially red, because it increase appetite. And as for the bedroom, you will not go wrong with nuances of natural green and cheerful blue because these colours pacify the eye so that you can easily fall asleep when the night comes. Dark hallways will be opened and look more cheerful if opting for yellow. Green is the colour of nature which pacifies the eye and brings good mood, so this colour in light shades will be perfect for bedrooms and living rooms. For some unknown reason, adults dislike the look of violet, so this colour can be used in kids’ rooms, however, if you do not have anything against it, you can use a lighter shade of plum in your bedroom as well, because this colour will make you easily fall asleep. And if you want your walls to look spotless you will need a quality painting service, especially if you want some kind of a decorative painting technique which implies wall texture or colourwashing in your bedroom. Sometimes, a wrong finish or sheen can ruin the effect you wanted to achieve in the dining room. This is the job for the professionals, so let them do their magic.


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