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How to Give your Humdrum Bedroom a Vintage Transformation on a Budget

December 21, 2015 Guest Post


There are times when we look at our bedroom and think ‘it’s time for a change’. The usual obstacles with changing it, is that interior designers and shop bought bedroom accessories can be expensive. However, this guide will provide 7 top tips on how to create cost effective vintage accessories from home, so you can finally complete your vintage bedroom transformation – on a budget:

1. Bunting
Old books are a great resource for creating bunting, however, newspapers will work just as well. Have a rummage through your books at home, or find a cheap paperback in a second hand shop. Rifle through the book and rip out the pages you want to use for your bunting. Buy a length of yarn or tired looking string and attach the pages using glue or tape. You can attach the pages lengthways to create rectangle bunting or at an angle to create the traditional triangle shape. If you have opted for the rectangle shaped bunting then different shapes can be cut out of coloured card and stuck onto the page. For example, a heart shape out of red card. Hang in the corner of the room, or even over your bed. It’s as simple and as cheap as that.

2. China Cups
Visit your local charity shop and you will be able to find a variety of china cups and saucers. The saucers don’t have to match the cups, as this only adds to the vintage look. Perfectly place on top of your dresser or vanity chest and simply add poperie, flowers, beads or even an apple to add a quirky vintage feel.

3. Storage Jars
Feeling creative? Look for an old jam jar or old preserves jar – the bigger the better. To turn these jars into cute storage devices find some vintage-effect wrapping paper, floral prints will work nicely. Line the inside of the jar with the paper so the print is facing outwards. Then you can store anything inside the jar, and no one can see your clutter! Perfect!

To complete the look, coat the lid from the jar with a layer of clear nail varnish. Once the nail varnish is dry apply a layer of paint in the colour of your choice; recommended buy for cheap paint is paint samplers, you can pick them up for a small amount. When the paint is dry you’ll have achieved a lovely matte finish – If you would like a shinier finish then simply apply another layer of clear nail varnish over the top, or for a sparkly effect use a clear glitter nail varnish. Tie a bow around the middle of the jar with a piece of old ribbon or cloth and there we have it – a cheap and handy vintage storage solution.

4. Throw Pillows
At any car boot or second hand shop you will find old pillows in neutral or floral patterns, for next to no money at all. Throw pillows can really give a bedroom that lovely vintage feel. If you want to add some style to your neutral coloured throw pillow, then here’s a simple DIY technique: purchase a letter stencil (they are very cheap) from your local craft shop, with this use a coloured marker to write your favourite slogan onto the pillow. Use a ruler to keep your writing in-line, and you will breathe new life into shabby old pillows. These are fantastic to lay across a bed or on a chair in your vintage bedroom.

5. Vintage Coat Hooks
This tip is great if you have any old justifyover skirting boards or planks of wood at home. If not then these can be found at the tip or builders merchants. If the plank of wood or piece of skirting board is already distressed then leave it, but if it is not then use a hammer and a screwdriver to damage it, creating a perfect vintage effect. Once this is complete, attach the coat hooks to the plank of wood, these can be found in all DIY stores, and nail the wood onto your wall. Ta-dah – A vintage solution to keep your coats off the floor and create more room in the cupboard.

6. Pine Cones
Is the top of your dresser looking a bit sparse and un-interesting? Find some pinecones in the local park and take them home to begin your cost-effective vintage creation. Give them a clean in some hot water then allow them to dry. Apply a light coloured paint (white is preferred) and use a dry brush to coat the pine cone. Allow to dry and then use as a decoration to put on the top of any surface to add a lovely vintage feel.

7. Vintage Throws
If you’re looking to make your otherwise new bed a bit more vintage in style, then throws are perfect. The problem is that shop bought throws can cost a pretty penny. Find an old tablecloth with a pattern you like in a charity shop or from your Grandparents and give it a good few washes on a high heat. This will soften the tablecloth and will sit perfectly on your bed to give a beautiful vintage look.

This article was written by Danielle Bagworth a froogle shopper and interior enthusiast, she recommends Silentnight mattress range, accessories and bedding to find a stunning centerpiece for your new vintage bedroom. Happy DIYing!


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