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How A Pregnancy Pillow Can Ease Back Pain

August 27, 2015 Guest Post


When you reach your second-trimester of pregnancy, body changes become more evident. These changes are not exclusive to physical matters alone, as it is not only your tummy that is increasing in size during this stage of your life. Body pains, one of which is back pain, becomes more evident as well and you should be ready forpain attacks every now and then. The more you feel your tummy getting bigger, the more you become prone to back pain.


Getting Rid Of Back Ache and Other Body Pains During Pregnancy Makes Owning A Pregnancy Pillow Worth It

Back pain happens to majority of pregnant women and there is probably no escaping the challenge. Some of the reasons why back pain happens when expecting a baby includes weight gain, change in posture, hormonal imbalances, changes or movements of back muscles, and stress. Back pain may be a major part of pregnancy, but that does not mean you have to suffer from it the entire time. There are various ways on how you can deal with it, and some of the most popular ones are doing prenatal yoga, swimming, pregnancy massages, meditation and hot and cold treatment to name a few. There are also modern-day pregnancy products that can help reduce back pain and the most in-demand one among these products is the pregnancy pillow.


If your back is in pain, it will be very difficult for you to accomplish anything, and that includes sleeping. The weight of your growing belly gives too much pressure on your back which makes sleeping rather difficult. This is why experts suggest the side-sleep position when sleeping. Not only this takes away the pressure from the back and thus reducing back ache, sleeping on the side is also said to make the flow of nutrients from the mother to the baby easy. Side-sleeping using a pregnancy pillow makes lying down more comfortable, resulting to a tight and long sleep.


Sleeping on your side with a pregnancy pillow tucked between your legs decreases the pressure on the pelvis and lower back. When it comes to supporting the chest, lower back and hips, using a pregnancy pillow is also a great help. Due to back ache, you tend to lose sleep and you tend to change position every now and then until you find the best and most comfortable sleeping position for you. Thanks to pregnancy pillows, your back pain will be lessened as great amount of pressure is taken away from the back portion of your body.


Back pain, as mentioned, is always a part of pregnancy and this situation is something that should not cause alarm or worry. By using pregnancy pillows when sitting, relaxing or sleeping, you are sure to ease the pain you feel not only in your back but also in other parts of the body prone to pain such as hips, thighs and legs. Pregnancy pillows are worth owning as it is a huge help in alleviating body pains associated with pregnancy.


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