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Four Fantastic Free Interior Design Tools

November 17, 2015 Guest Post


When it comes time to designing your home, using the right interior design tool will save you time and money. These four programs offer you easy to use tools without having experience using design software. You can choose the room you want to work on and the elements that go into it from paint color, floor finishing, furniture and decor. By not using the right interior design tools ahead of purchasing materials, you can end up with costly mistakes. Here are four free room decorating software design tools to help you find the right-look for your home.

Digital Decorator

With Digital Decorator you are your own designer with this powerful digital house design software. There are hundreds of paint colors, floor finishings and countertop styles, along with nearly a hundred room styles, to choose from. The visual elements use actual products for your interior and exterior designs to bring your imagination to reality. By using actual products you save time and money by avoiding costly mistakes. By registering with Digital Design you can share your designs with family and friends, your contractors and send all of your chosen information to your builder to ensure you have the right components.


Design Within Reach

Design Within Reach allows you to use several pre-loaded floor plans or upload your own. This interior design tool is simple to use and offers different camera angles to view your design. Insert walls, doors and windows where you desire and choose from a gallery of interior finishes with an extensive color selection. This program offers real products to choose from so you can find the selections and budget accordingly. The software is free to use without joining and you can upload your designs to Facebook to share with your friends.



Homestyler is created by Autodesk, creator of digital house design software such as AutoCAD and REVIT, and offers you professional tools for free. Homestyler gives you the ability to design floor plans for your home, apartment or an office. This easy to use program, using drag and drop commands, builds walls, adds furniture, cabinetry, appliances and many decor items. It also offers real manufacturer’s products to achieve real look and feel results. Once you complete your design you can print out a list of the products needed and take it to your nearest home improvement store. You can share your ideas with many social sites to get your friend and family’s input.


Sweet Home 3D

Sweet Home 3D offers software with more customization options than your average interior design tool. To get started a log in is required with some brief information then the online software is free. The program offers four interfaces with a furniture catalog, 2-D rendering, 3-D rendering and layout dimensions. The furniture catalog allows you to select furnishings by name and drag and drop them. The 2-D rendering is a floor plan showing walls, windows, doors and where the furniture is placed. A 3-D pane offers a virtual look of the space of the room decorating software. Lastly, the furniture list displays the exact size and dimensions of the items to help with the layout. Other features include uploading your own floor plan and a video feature that allows you to virtually walk through space.


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