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DIY Privacy Fence and Hedges

August 18, 2015 Guest Post


Hedges and privacy fences are necessities for many people. Privacy fences do more than just give you shade from the watchful eye of others, however; they keep pets off of your lawn (or in your yard), they provide a sense of seclusion, and they can be aesthetically pleasing. Still, many people don’t have privacy fences or hedges because they think it will cost a lot of money to have someone build one. That may be true, but you can eliminate that problem by simply building it yourself. By planting the right trees, you can build a perfect privacy fence at a minimal cost. Here are some things to keep in mind for a do-it-yourself privacy fence.

DIY Privacy Fence and Hedges

Two ideal plants for a foundation
There are myriad different plants you can use to make a privacy fence. They all have their pros and their cons, so if you enjoy gardening, you can probably find a plant that you’d like to take care of for building your fence. However, this piece will focus on two plants that make particularly ideal fences.

The first great plant for building a privacy fence is boxwood. Boxwood is often seen in traditional hedges and in artistic, designed hedges. It makes a great privacy fence because it is solid (and thus harder for creatures to creep through), and it is very easy to maintain. You’ll have to trim it with some regularity if you want to keep it looking crisp and well maintained, but that should be easy enough.

The other great plant for building your privacy fence is the blackberry bush (other berries like raspberries, black raspberries, and thimble berries can also work as well). For a blackberry privacy fence you’ll need to build a normal fence, and then plant the berries alongside it. They’ll grow on the fence, until it looks as though they’re just forming a perfect fence all by themselves.

Plants for inside the privacy fence
Most privacy fences are below eye level. They provide seclusion and protection, but people can often look over them. You don’t want to make your privacy wall too high, or you’ll block out the sunlight, so the best thing to do is plant a few trees inside of the privacy fence. That will give you added privacy, without making it feel as though you’re in prison. Fruit trees work well, especially apples and citrus. These trees reach the perfect size, and also are fun and practical. Plant a few along your privacy fence and you’ll have areas in your yard where no one can see you, but you’ll still have access to the sun.

Things to know
One big mistake that people make is that they build their fences right on their property line. This is a bad idea, because then you have to trespass if you want to trim them. You want your trees and plants to be where they don’t cross property lines, and you don’t have to cross property lines for maintenance. It’s also a great idea to run a soaker hose along your fence line before you plant the trees and plants; that way you can keep them well watered at all times.

With these tips, you should be able to plant a perfect privacy fence.

This article written by Jared Miert, father and home handyman. He loves the serenity produced by his privacy fence, and has local tree removal and pruning services come out to maintain it, making it simple and hassle free.


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