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Details that Make Your Garden Stand Out

August 22, 2015 Guest Post


Details that Make Your Garden Stand Out

When you see one garden, you’ve seen them all. It is all about the fresh air and the sun, isn’t it? Well, not at all. Especially if you ask somebody like Robert Plumb and his wonderful outside furniture. On the other hand, there is some truth that people don’t invest that much time thinking about the design of their garden space. Mowing the lawn and putting some chairs out is not going to do anything special for your garden. However, if you really want your garden to stand out, you can do some of the following things.

Unique Plants and Pots
Generally, the choice of plants depends greatly on the climate in which you make your garden. However, if the climate allows it, choose the type of plants that are not that usual and you can even develop a theme. For example, for the warm places, you can choose the tropical plants and make your garden seem like a scenery from a tropical postcard. Also, wisteria plants of all sorts and interesting colors make every garden look like fairy tale. Cover everything you can with wisteria and it will have an awesome effect.

Everybody needs shades around garden. However, they are design opportunity to make something really interesting. Consider floating shades that you can make out of wooden panels that have interesting carvings on them. Also, think about different types of pergolas that are not just square or rectangle. One pillar from which top the lattice spread like a palm of a hand. They can even be wavy. It will definitely stand out from the usual umbrella shades that are seen just everywhere.

Bar can never be a dull thing. Especially a bar that you have made by piling and sticking together big rocks of different shapes. Moreover, if those rocks have some interesting moss on them, the whole thing gets an amazing Forest Bar twist in design. Make sure that the bar is covered with some crawlers that are green and leafy and it will definitely make your garden bar a different place where your friends love to hang out. As for the chairs, it would be unbelievably cool to refurbish some old, used, vintage bar stools.

The first thing that you think about when it comes to pools is that they are expensive. However, a small hot tub for two doesn’t have to be that expensive and it really pays off. Make it with a wooden stage and cover and let some wonderfully blooming climbing plants cover it. Since it is all about that hot water, you can use it longer than any other type of the pool since you can hop in even in the autumn. Use underwater lights and put only glowing solar powered lights around it or to pave the path to it. That will make it the most romantic place in your garden and it will give you hours of pleasure and relaxation.

Where is drink, there is food. And food in the garden is necessarily related to barbeques. However, there is something even more interesting than a table and chairs around it. Install some nice lighting and outdoor furniture around a fire pit and you’ll have yourself a beautiful place to relax. For those long summer evenings, there is nothing quite as magical as watching the fire, enjoying its warmth and glorious appearance. It gives the feeling of the old days that everybody likes.

You don’t have to make the entire garden look out of this world or spend tons of money on it. It is enough to have one interesting thing in it, like the unique pergola, fire pit or small pool to give it that interesting look which makes it a special place. With just a little bit of imagination, your garden can be the most amusing place for you and your friends and family.


This article was provided by Andrew Newitt. Besides being a full-time husband and dad, Andrew enjoys blogging about different home improvement techniques from garden decoration to interior design.


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