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Designing a Beautiful Bathroom – Without a Remodel

August 23, 2015 Guest Post


Is your bathroom looking a little dated? It happens. Over time, the design you once loved starts to look a little faded and out of place. That doesn’t mean you need to tear down the whole bathroom and start over. There are plenty of cost effective ways to re-redesign – without committing to a remodel. These techniques can improve the overall appearance of your bathroom and even increase the value of your home. It is the perfect do it yourself project! Easy, effective, and beautiful…. the bathrooms in your space will look like new in no time.


Where to begin? There are so many great ways to give your bathroom an overhaul. One of the simplest options has to be paint. A fresh coat of paint can perk up your bathroom in an instant, especially if you choose a lighter shade. Think of a pale yellow, robins egg blue, or a mint green. These colours can be used sparingly or throughout the bathroom to brighten up the space and make it appear larger. It is totally up to you. If you would prefer something darker and more dramatic, incorporate colour thoughtfully. Try using red or navy as an accent or to compliment a darker tile colour.


Another way to add beauty to your bathroom is by changing the fixtures. That could mean replacing an old faucet with something more modern, changing the knobs on cabinets and drawers, adding in a new light fixture above the sink, or installing a new medicine cabinet. Even replacing curtains with blinds can make a noticeable difference. The key is to take a look at your bathroom with a critical eye. What exactly looks old and dated? What changes will make the most impact – without ripping out your sink, toilet, or shower, that is? Look for fixtures you can improve upon. This will help you change up the appearance of your space without spending a ton of money on home improvements.
Removing clutter is another way to make your bathroom look great. The best part? This can be done quickly and easily. It is amazing how many things wind up taking over this room. Everything from pictures on the wall to extra rolls of toilet paper and stacks upon stacks of hand towels can create unnecessary clutter. Not only does that clutter make the room look cramped and full – but it can also make it look smaller than it actually is. To create the illusion of a larger space, remove items you don’t need or make the most of smart storage options. Keep your towels on a shelf, in a basket underneath the counter, or in a bench with tucked away storage. A few small changes will transform the look of your bathroom.


Still need some ways to beautify your space? There are so many great options. It all depends on how much you want to change. A few ideas to consider: try adding in fresh flowers every now and again, replace your shower curtain, pick up new towels, replace old counter accessories (like your toothbrush holder, soap dish, and so on), or install a floating shelf for additional storage space.


Your bathroom doesn’t have to look dull, dated, or uninteresting. Just like the rest of your home, it can be made over with the help of a few simple do it yourself tasks. You can opt to paint, change the fixtures, remove clutter, or add in some new decorative items. The end result will look absolutely stunning.


Joe Davis understands the importance of DIY tasks. He has experience bringing both residential and commercial roofing products to customers all over the country. In the last few years, he has been working successfully with IKO Shingles (


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