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Cosy and Creative: The Epitome of the Home

July 9, 2015 Guest Post


The bathroom is one of the only rooms in the house that is used by every family member multiple times a day. Whether nature calls, whether they are brushing their teeth in the morning and the night, or whether they are beautifying themselves ready for the day ahead, the bathroom could well be called the hub of the home. Many bathrooms are considered cold and clinical, but the trend for cosy and creative bathrooms is now flying full steam ahead, with warm colours and homely vibes turning the bathroom into the epitome of household friendliness. Experts explain how you can transform your plain old bathroom into a welcoming family hub.

Colour is the most important element in a cosy bathroom; though many people favour the clean and simply white scheme, with hints of blue or black here and there, these colours are fairly cold and make the room appear less inviting to family members. Choose oranges, pinks and purples to warm up the room a little; create a feature wall or go all out and tile your entire room with one of these colours to create a wet room. The room will instantly be giving a vibrant lift, and will feel homely and comfortable from the off.

Don’t be afraid to get to grips with textiles in the bathroom. If space permits in a larger bathroom, add in a chaise longue and throw on some embellished cushions for a real quirky touch, or use your curtains, towels and fluffy bath mats to demonstrate the family personality. Don’t worry too much about sticking to a specific pattern or motif; if you like the piece, you will find a place to incorporate it within the room, whether you are creating a makeshift shower curtain or lining the drawers of your new vanity cabinet.

Choose your bathroom furnishings carefully when trying to create the atmosphere of cosiness and warmth. Many families might not be able to stretch further than a plain white bathroom suite, but the addition of the basin taps, the toilet seat, the shower curtain or the storage solutions can have a huge effect on how the room is perceiving and ensure that the stark whiteness isn’t the first thing the eye is drawn to.

Don’t forget to accessorise! Hang vibrant paintings or pieces of art in the bathroom (ensuring that the frames and the piece itself will be able to withstand the potential moisture in the air), and add ornaments and decorative pieces that bring the interior design elements of the room together. Use embellished mirrors facing a window to increase natural light in the room, and make the most of things like alcoves, sloping ceilings and small window recesses to give an individual feel. Vases with plastic flowers can be used here (real flowers will often wilt faster in humid settings) and even quirky bathroom lighting arrangements can help to give the impression that the room is the creative hub, and the heart of the home, as is often the case when a room is used so often by every member of the family.

This article was written by freelance writer and mother of three, Kathryn Thompson. Follow her on Twitter: @katht35.

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