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Cleaning Out the Hall Closet of a Calgary Home

October 29, 2015 Guest Post

There is no question that in many households, the hall closet is the unofficial dumping grounds for family members. Shoes, coats and even the occasion soccer ball gets stashed inside, leaving a jumbled mess that can be a hazard for anyone daring to open the door. Getting organized may seem like a huge chore, however the fact is not only will it be a rewarding experience, it will also free up some much needed space. Use the following tips to clean out the closet and make it a happy and well-organized space.


Empty the Closet
The first step in the process is to completely empty the closet. Take everything out. This will not only let you see what is inside the space, but also give you the opportunity to evaluate if the space needs to be cleaned or painted. It is a good idea to vacuum or mop the floor, wipe down the walls and shelves, and if necessary, slap on a new coat of paint. This can really help to update the space. Letting Calgary cleaning services handle this will make things much easier.


Sort through the “Junk”
Once you have everything out of the closet you need to begin sorting through everything that was inside. You should also determine exactly what you want to use the closet for. Many times a hall closet can turn into a type of “catch all,” which eliminates a useful storage space in your home. You should try to narrow down the purpose of the closet as much as possible, which will also help to eliminate the clutter.


If there are items that have been buried away for years, chances are you do not still need them. If they are still usable, donate them to a local charity. The key is to remove the clutter that you no longer want or need from your home and closet, making it more functional and practical.


When you are sorting, you also need to take note of things such as toys or books that can be stored in a more appropriate area, such as the playroom or the book shelf. You will likely be surprised how much space you can create with this one action.


Create a Plan
Once you have purged everything that does not belong in the hall closet, it is now time to develop an organization plan. This may require purchasing additional shelving or plastic bins. This key is to group like items together and keep them neat and organized when inside.


Hiring professionals like, picture perfect cleaning, will allow a homeowner to have this task done without having to lift a finger.


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