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Choose the Right Wardrobe to Maximize Your Bedroom Storage

November 19, 2015 Guest Post

A new wardrobe can solve most of your bedroom storage problems. Whether you need a lot of new storage or just a way to maximize what you have, choosing the right design is the first step in your custom wardrobes makeover. Check out this article courtesy of Sliderobes in Sydney.


Make the Most of Awkward Spaces

If your bedroom doesn’t have much wardrobe or closet space to speak of, you can take advantage of a bare wall or unused alcove to expand your storage. Built in wardrobes designed to fit a space, no matter how small or oddly shaped, maximizes your storage in an attractive way. Nontraditional areas to place your wardrobe include:
? Along a bare wall. Shelves, clothing racks and drawers take up little space along a wall. If you want the storage hidden, sliding or swing-out doors can blend seamlessly into the wall.
? Take advantage of an L-shaped bedroom by turning part of the “L” into a large wardrobe, complete with doors.
? If space is really at a premium, have built-in shelves or drawers installed beneath windows or into a bed platform to create custom wardrobes.

Optimize Your Current Wardrobe

Many bedrooms have built in wardrobes or small closets, but the unfinished space may only have a couple of hanging clothing racks at most. Installing a custom wardrobe kit keeps your clothing and accessories neatly arranged so you can make the most of the space.


If you want a “his and hers” design, have custom shelves installed on each side to meet the needs of each person. For example, “her” side may need more shoe shelves, a place to hang purses and plenty of room to hang long dresses, while “his” side can have racks at varying heights for plants and shirts and a necktie holder. Fitting a custom design to both the space and your needs makes the most of the space.


Take Advantage of Extra Room

A large wardrobe can double as both clothing storage and dressing room. If you have an extra room or a larger wardrobe space already, why not add walk-in wardrobes? You can custom design a walk-in to fit your specific needs, while taking advantage of the extra space to add a dressing area. A small bench and a full length makes the most of a larger wardrobe. Consider adding dressing table with plenty of lights and mirrors.


When choosing the best wardrobe, begin with these key steps:
1. Measure the space available. Accurate measurements are the key to making the most of your wardrobe, even if you are designing roomy walk-in wardrobes.
2. Make a list of the most important features. For example, if you have a lot of shoes but few sweaters, shoe storage is much more important than sweater storage.
3. Decide on a basic design. Do you want an open wardrobe or one with doors? Remember, doors will cut into some of the available storage space.
4. Develop a design for the racks, shelves and drawers that fits the space and your needs.
5. Choose your materials. Open wardrobes look best when made from real, finished wood, while you can use utilitarian materials like wire racks in a closed wardrobe.


The wardrobe of your dreams begins with a bit of planning. Take advantage of the space you have to create a storage system that will work for your specific needs.


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