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Buying Furniture Online – Here Are the Things to Consider!

September 14, 2015 Guest Post


When buying anything online you can never be too cautious. You do find many good deals online but you can never be too sure of the product you might receive. Furniture is a big and expensive buy so consider a few key points before placing your order.

Buying Furniture Online – Here Are the Things to Consider!

Valid Phone No:
Make sure the number given is valid. You can never be too careful so check up on the number by calling a couple times. Make sure the number is company registered and valid.

Physical location:
The physical location of the place you’re getting your furniture from matters. It will have a direct effect on the price of the delivery as well as the time it takes to reach you. If you’re shipping it from overseas then you need to be extra cautious about your buy. A nearby location or local delivery however is easier and can be dealt with ease.

Quality of goods:
You can never be sure of the quality of goods. Pictures can sometimes be deceiving. Make sure that the product being delivered to you is in a good condition and of good quality. Make it clear to the selling company or party that if the product is not as per the pictures you will be returning it.

Payment method:
Discuss the method of payment. There are many ways of payment; cash, credit card, online payment, cash on delivery. Discuss and come to a decision on a method both parties are comfortable with.

Privacy policy:
Be sure on what the privacy policy is of the selling party. Ask if need be and make sure that no personal information is leaked or abused. Your address, phone number and credit card number etc. are at their disposal so be positive they have a strict privacy policy.

Delivery time:
Find out about their delivery time before making any decisions. Different companies take different amount of time to deliver goods. If they will be able to deliver the furniture within a reasonable amount of time only then should you place your order.

Reputation and reviews:
Make sure you are aware of their reputation before placing your order. The best way to know how well a company works is by reading the reviews of previous clients. They will give an unsolicited, unbiased and honest review.

Money back guarantee:
When buying dining table, chair or any other product, ask if they have a money back guarantee, in case the product is defected etc. This will ensure that you are not robbed of your money incase such a problem were to occur.

Online shopping can be a huge risk so make sure that you are careful on who you decide to buy from and what things need to be checked up on before buying. The online world can be deceiving at times and with countless sham companies out there you can never be too careful.

About the author:
Selena is a blogger who usually writes on furniture and home décor related topics. She also writes for eFurniture Mart, leading online mart for furniture related products. Follow her on Google+.


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