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Beautiful Modern Bohemian Crystal

January 13, 2016 Guest Post


Modern Bohemian Crystal Glass is a super-premium form of an ancient art that goes back thousands of years. Glass is a fascinating, dynamic medium that can run the gamut between simplistic and plain to intricate and modern, and is a creative and unique choice when selecting artwork for your home or office. Many people ask, however, not only what the difference is between glass and crystal glass, but are also interested in the history and process of glass making. This fascinating and ancient instrument for artistic expression has a long and detailed history, and can be looked to for many innovative and fantastical breakthroughs in art in the years to come.

Glass making is an ancient process that has been refined from its humble beginnings to become an ever changing medium that is a haven for artists that dislike the limitations of painting and drawing and feel caged in by traditional sculpture. It offers an outlet for creative expression not limited by the two dimensional fields while also transcending the brutish work of clay and bronze. The origins of modern glass blowing go back to sometime before the birth of Christ, around 40 BC, and it became a well-established trade during the tenure of the Roman Empire. Small scale studio glass came into vogue during the 1960′s, when a professor from Ohio began experimenting with a small scale blast furnace and artisan blowing techniques.

Bohemian Glass crystal is manufactured with traditional glass blowing techniques, the difference lying in the amount of lead used in production, as well as the durability and pliancy of the finished product. While traditional glass is relatively resilient, able to withstand a reasonable degree of wear and stress, Bohemian glass crystal is much more fragile and delicate, and used for more intricate and detailed glass work. Bohemian glass crystal tries to bring the sensual beauty and mystique of Eastern Europe into the forefront of the Western sphere when it comes to modern sculpture and art.

Utilizing the demure shades and sober tones of the Carpathian’s and combining them with a free and organic spirit or Western Europe, Bohemian crystal is an individual, unique addition to anyone’s collection, and an invaluable way for artist to experiment with this ancient yet exciting artistic vehicle. It is a free formed and fluid raw form that solidifies into wondrous and fantastical shapes, and allows an artist great license when creating the beautiful and bizarre forms that come into focus under a skilled hand.


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