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A guide to buying UPVC windows

June 2, 2015 Guest Post


Purchasing new doors and windows for your home can cost you a lot of money, especially as many homeowners aren’t aware that UPVC windows are actually the most cost effective type of window, they also do their job the most effectively. If you do your research and purchase smartly, your windows don’t have to cost a fortune.
Aesthetically pleasing to the eye, UPVC windows have become synonymous with sophistication and modern style. UPVC windows are manufactured using very hardwearing building materials. Because of their increase in popularity, a lot of contemporary designers are now incorporating UPVC windows into some of their designs.
This article will explain the many different advantages of UPVC windows and the various styles that are available to homeowners

A guide to buying UPVC windows

One of the most notable advantages of UPVC windows is the diverse range of styles. Some of the most popular styles in today’s market are

Vertical Sliding Sash Windows

If you are looking for the more classic look and feel, you consider having Georgian sliding sash windows installed. When buying these UPVC windows, be sure to check that the product has steel reinforcement and an anti jimmy bar, this will prevent any unwanted break-ins.

Casement windows:

Casement windows are available in both top hinged and side hinged; these windows have become synonymous with homeowners for the high level of security that they provide. Home improvement specialists or homeowners are able to choose from various shades of rosewood, mahogany, golden oak, and white.

Tilt-and-Turn Windows:

These UPVC windows feature a unique tilt and turn mechanism that allows you to open then window inwards from the side, or from the top for a better level of ventilation.

Reversible Windows:

Mostly suited to high rise structures, where cleaning from outside is a tricky task. These UPVC windows are installed with 180° reversible hinges; this enables the window to be completely rotated. Reversible windows are also ideal for emergency exits as they have the 180° rotational feature. For added security these windows are installed with built in restrictors, these prevent children from opening them fully.

Below are 5 advantages of UPVC windows

Cost effective

To say this is a big benefit is an understatement. Not only is the upfront cost less, but there are also less ongoing costs. Because UPVC windows are so well insulated, less heating is needed during the cold winter months and not so much air conditioning during the summer months. In the long run UPVC windows will save you a lot of money. Although UPVC is a plastic material, it is incredibly strong making it ideal for larger structures like doors and windows, and because it is a plastic, it is a lot more cost effective to produce than other materials.


One of the biggest advantages of UPVC windows is their durability; they last for years and years. When the rain comes splashing they don’t rot, and when the sun comes shining they don’t splinter or swell. Because they are so rigid and durable UPVC windows will last decades before anything goes wrong with them.

Easy to maintain

Unlike standard windows and frames, UPVC windows don’t rot and will always shut properly. To keep your UPVC windows looking their greatest there is no sanding or varnishing needed whatsoever.


No other windows in today’s market can rival the security of UPVC windows. With their inbuilt locking features they are nigh on impossible to break through. In today’s world, the security levels of your windows are very important in protecting yourself and family.
Well Insulated
Because UPVC frames are combined with double glazing they provide an excellently insulated window. Unlike metal and wooden window frames a low amount of heat escapes. This is also a big advantage in the summer when the sun often burns through the windows and causes your room to get really stuffy.

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