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6 Tips to Prevent the Threat of Home Invasions

September 28, 2015 Guest Post


The threat of a home invasion is an ever present danger for a home owner. It could happen while you’re away or while you’re still at home. The latter scenario is scarier than the former. In the former scenario you’ll just end up losing your belongings, but in the latter scenario there’s a chance that yourloved ones might be in a life threatening situation. To protect your family from this danger you need to take certain precautions. Here are 6 tips to prevent the threat of home invasions for you and your family.

Form a Neighborhood Watch
A neighborhood watch is a must in every neighborhood. The police can’t be everywhere, so it’s the responsibility of citizens to keep an eye out for each other. A few brave souls keeping watch over the neighborhood will greatly reduce the prospect of crime in that area. If you’re part of the neighborhood watch and you see any suspicious activity,then all you need to do is alert the authorities and they’ll take care of the rest.

Get a Guard Dog
Canines have been protecting our homes for centuries. They’re loyal and they’re reliable. If you were a thief would you ever break into a home that had a guard dog? Of course not, neither would I. That’s because neither of us want to get torn to shreds. Getting a guard dog will deter the resolve of criminals to invade your home.Dogs can sense a threat from a mile away, so not only will your home be protected but those around you as well.We’ll see who lurks in the shadows when there’s a dog waiting to chase that perpetrator down. It’s an easy solution to a difficult problem.

Find a House Sitter
If you’re thinking about taking a trip, then it’s best to find a house sitter. You shouldn’t leave your home vacant even if it’s only for a few weeks. Ask a friend or relative to look after your house while you’re away. They can feed your pets, maintain your home and prevent criminals from breaking in.It’ll be an added advantage if you can get Kevin McCallister from Home Alone to house sit for you. With Kevin keeping watch over your home no criminal will ever dare break in.

Inform the Authorities
If you can’t find a house sitter then your next step should be to inform the police about your trip.Go to the local police station and let them know that you’re going to be out of town for a few weeks and that your house is going to remain vacant. They won’t go out of their way to protect your house, but atleast they’ll send a squad car to patrol the area every now and then. That’s all you can ask for these days and if you’re lucky then that’s all you’re going to need. Atleast you’ll travel with some peace of mind.

Change Your Locks
In this day and age it makes sense to be paranoid about security. You can learn how to break into someone’s house using YouTube. Extra locks on your doors and windows can help you feel secure. However, if you want to feel more secure, then perhaps you should give in to your paranoia. You can hire a locksmith and change your locks every year or so to ensure security.Never entrust your spare keys to strangers. Always keep them with friends or relatives. Changing your locks every year will give you the peace of mind you’re looking for.

Invest in a Security System
The easiest way to thwart home invasion attempts is to invest in a home security system. If your budget doesn’t allow for one, then you can always create your own DIY security system. You can use old phones and tablets as surveillance cameras. There are many apps available to help you do this. Getting a security system can also help you with your home insurance. Your monthly payments could be slightly reduced by the insurance company. Your security system can alert you in case of a break in no matter where you are.Isn’t that worth the money?

Home security is something you should take seriously for the sake of your loved ones. The tips mentioned here will thwart any attempts at breaking into your house.

Leslie Kramer, the author of this post is a freelance blogger, who is currently writing for Express Locksmith, one of the leading providers of home security equipment. Leslie is always fond of reading and likes to go for trekking and camping with her family on weekends.


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