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5 Tips For Styling Your Bookshelves

November 5, 2015 Guest Post


These days, it is important to note that bookshelves are no longer relegated to the dingy home office or even the privacy of your bedroom – they are often placed in the main living areas of your home, on display for the world to see. If you would like to add some interest to your bookshelves and make them much more than a place to store your extensive collection of novels, you have come to the right place! Use these 5 tips to style your unit according!

5 Tips For Styling Your Bookshelves

1.Remember – it’s about the books
We are firm believers in bookshelves being filled with books. Whilst other objects can help you to beautify the unit, they should be thought of as ‘the icing on the cake’ rather than the primary feature. So, make sure that you start with your books – try organising them according to colour, depth or height. If you don’t have a lot of books, we recommend throwing your magazine collection in or scouring flea markets for some bargains.


2.Think horizontally and vertically
Once you have your books arranged in a manner that you like, make some gaps (or breathing room) between them. Minor or smaller gaps in your bookshelves can be filled in with stacked, horizontal tomes that have been topped with décor items. Major or larger gaps can be filled with vertical décor items. We recommend, when selecting larger items, that you have a common colour palette to help tie the whole look together.


3.Add some lovely ‘fillers’
Bookshelves actually provide the perfect backdrop for displaying some of your favourite décor items, including: large and small vases, trays, framed family photographs, platters, and framed wall art. Styling bookshelves actually provides you with the opportunity to display those items that have been hidden away around your home, so make sure you search all of your cupboards to see what sorts of treasure has been buried.


4.Add some useful ‘fillers’
More often than not, storage space is at a premium in our homes. Why not use the extra space on bookshelves for some sneaky storage? Some of the tricks we recommend include: stacked nesting boxes that you have filled with family photos, matching baskets that you have filled with whatever you desire, and a mini-bar or water bar on a tray so that guests can help themselves. These are fantastic ways to display necessary items.


5.Think outside of the box
There are plenty of ways that you can style bookshelves, all you have to do is get creative and think outside the box! Why not hang a stunning piece of art on the outside of the shelving? Layering can actually add depth and texture to your space, as well as giving visitors an interesting talking point. If you have plenty of storage space, on the other hand, use an entire shelf to display a single, particularly beloved item.


The best piece of advice that we can offer you when it comes to styling your bookshelves is to just have fun with it. Try out a few different ideas before settling on the one that you will ultimately use, and remember to style only with décor items that you love (after all, these are the items that deserve to be on display). And don’t feel as if you have to go out and purchase expensive or custom bookshelves – even the most basic of units can be made to look amazing.


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