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5 Important Things To Consider When Hanging Artwork In Your Home

November 10, 2015 Guest Post


People spend a lot of money on artwork, so I’ve talked about a few ways they can hang them the right way so they look perfect.

If you have the right artwork in your home it will look so much more attractive, but hanging art in the right way is more difficult than you think. Get it wrong and it won’t have as much of an impact, so we’re going to look at a few important things you must think about before you hang your art on the wall.

Your art can deteriorate

You have to be careful if your living room gets a lot of sun because over time it can damage your artwork. I’m sure you don’t want to spend a lot of money on nice art only to see it deteriorate after a few years. This is a lot more common if you hang photographs or paintings done in watercolors. You do have a few options to solve the problem and one involves moving your artwork around every 6 months. Alternatively you could spend extra money on ultraviolet plexiglass when you’re getting them framed.

Background color matters

The color of your walls will alter the look of your paintings, so you have to take it into consideration before you hang anything. If you don’t have anything up at the moment you can start with a clean slate. White and light grey always look good behind paintings, whereas deep reds and dark blues don’t look so good. If you want to find some inspiration you can check out a few art galleries and ask them what color they use. If your artwork isn’t expensive you might not even feel the need to let it dictate the color of your walls.

Switch between large and small
Some paintings don’t look amazing when you’re not staring at them up close. They certainly don’t look bad, but unless you’re standing next to them it’s hard to see the small details. There are other paintings that have big features instead of all those little details and you can see them from anywhere. You will find they can easily be used to create a focal point in each room. If you want everything to look right the trick is to mix and match these so you don’t use too many of the one kind.

Buy the right frames

We’ve already talked about the background color altering the way a painting looks, so the frame it’s sitting in will also make a slight difference. Would you rather have a wooden frame or a metal frame? Do you want something fancy, or would you prefer something that blends into the background so it doesn’t take anything away from the painting? That isn’t a trick questions and the general consensus is that wooden frames with basic profiles are the way forward.

Look around before you buy
I’m sure you know art is subjective, so one man’s treasure is another man’s junk. When you look around you don’t need to pick something because it’s expensive. If you search high and low you could find some artwork that costs about 1000% less. If you’re sensible you could buy a collection for your home instead of spending all your money on one painting. Look for art by local artists because some of their stuff is amazing and it won’t cost you as much as a painting from someone famous.

You can’t go wrong
If you follow the tips we’ve spoken about today you can’t go wrong. Try to do your own thing and you might be shooting yourself in the foot. Beautiful paintings and photographs are meant to make you feel great when you look at them, so take your time before you throw anything up on the wall.

Leslie Kramer, the author of this post is a freelance blogger, who is currently writing for Bathrooms Are Us, one of the leading names in bathroom renovation industry. Leslie is a movie-buff and likes to go for camping and trekking with her friends and family on weekends.


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