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5 Clues That Your House Needs To Be Renovated

December 25, 2015 Guest Post


You know that a modern house sells faster than a dated one, but how do you know when your home is slowly falling into a time warp? Even if you’re renovated the property since moving in, it’s possible that your choices are becoming dated without you realizing it. Here are five clues that your house may need to be renovated and updated.

5 Clues That Your House Needs To Be Renovated

Retro is Not Always a Good Thing
If your friends walk in and casually compliment you on the retro look, it’s time to invest in some updating. While retro clothes can be cool and collectible retro toys skyrocket in value, a retro house is one that’s going to sit on the market when it’s time to sell.

You’re Spending More Time on Repairs
As your house ages, you’ll start to notice that it needs more repairs. The drawer fronts in your kitchen are popping off, and maybe the tiles in your bathroom are starting to fall down. As you invest more in repairs, a full renovation starts looking more attractive. The next time you add another item to your to-do list, ask yourself if it’s time to make the investment in a renovation.

You’re Worrying About Home Security
The locks on aging windows don’t lock as tightly as they should. Not only is this bad for energy efficiency, but it leaves your property more susceptible to home invasions. Invest in new windows and locking hardware to keep the home secure. If you’re still concerned about security because the neighborhood is losing some appeal, then you should invest in a security system from ADT Columbus to give yourself peace of mind.

What’s That Smell?
Do you have mystery odors in the house? It could be that water has gotten behind fixtures and is molding. Perhaps there’s a sewer leak you don’t know about. The odor has to be addressed, and this is a great time to invest in some home improvements. Your property will look and smell better when the work is done.

Storage Space is in Short Supply
As your family grows and changes, your storage needs will change. You may think babies need a lot of storage space, but teenagers take up even more room with their larger clothes, collection of electronics and sporting equipment. If you’re constantly looking for more space, then it may be time to invest in home improvements that will maximize space and make the home more functional.

Don’t let your home gradually sink into a dated look or disrepair. Invest in renovations occasionally to keep the home attractive and maintain a higher value. You’ll get more enjoyment out of the property, and your hard work will be rewarded when it’s time to sell.


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