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5 Big Questions To Think About Before You Buy A Swimming Pool

December 29, 2015 Guest Post


If you decide to buy a swimming pool for your back garden, you have to remember it’s an investment; swimming pools aren’t exactly cheap. When your pool is complete, you want to be dancing around with joy all the time. You definitely don’t want to be upset because you didn’t get what you wanted, but some people do get upset because they didn’t plan everything properly.

You wouldn’t spend a huge amount of money on a car without having a plan, so don’t do the same thing with your swimming pool either. We’re going to look at some of the big questions you need to ask yourself. Obviously, there are thousands of different questions and we can’t touch on them all. However, think very carefully about these ones and then use them as a springboard to go on and think about the others.

Decide what shape you want
5 Big Questions To Think About Before You Buy A Swimming Pool

You don’t need to go with a basic option if you don’t want to. So, look around at all the wonderful variations there are out there. Hopefully, your garden is big enough, otherwise you might be left with no choice; anyone with a large enough garden is free to do whatever they want. If you’re someone who wants to stay in shape by swimming lengths every morning, you will definitely need a long pool, but other than that you might just want one that looks cool.

Don’t slip around the outside
5 Big Questions To Think About Before You Buy A Swimming Pool

When you get out of the pool and you’re soaking wet, it’s easy to slip and fall. When you choose what material you will lay around the pool, it must be something that won’t get really slippery when wet. Liquid limestone is popular and there are a few others you can use too. It’s essential your children can’t fall and bang their head because anything could happen and if you’re not there and drowning is a possible hazard.

It’s all about the features
5 Big Questions To Think About Before You Buy A Swimming Pool

This is probably the most exciting choice you have to make because there are a lot of cool features you can have built into your swimming pool. If it’s deep enough, you could have a diving board, your children might love having a big slide to play on, and you could even have a cascading waterfall running into the pool. Some features are hard to install after your pool has been built, so think carefully about them now.

Do you want to go green?
5 Big Questions To Think About Before You Buy A Swimming Pool

Some people are into saving the environment through any means necessary. If they were to have a pool, building it would have to be an eco-friendly process. If you’re one of those people, you might decide to have a salt water pool because you wouldn’t need to use all those nasty chemicals. If you wanted to keep your pool warm, you would use solar heaters and harness all your energy from our lovely sun.

Consider the weather where you live
5 Big Questions To Think About Before You Buy A Swimming Pool

We’re not all going to live in beautiful places with lovely warm climates. What happens if you live somewhere that is sometimes cold? Do you just forget about building a swimming pool, or do you build it in some kind of enclosure? If you live somewhere with a lot of wind do you plant trees and hedges around the pool to stop the worst of the wind getting through? The weather will definitely dictate what you do.

Five steps forward
After you have worked through everything we’ve talked about, you will be much closer to being ready. I’m sure you will agree it’s not as easy as driving down to a swimming pool supplier and picking one out. No matter which one you choose, I’m sure you will love it because you’ve planned everything carefully.

The author of this post, Leslie Kramer, is a freelance blogger who is currently writing for B-Rod Pools, which is a renowned name among swimming pool companies in New Canaan. Since she is a fitness enthusiast, she is fond of boxing and swimming


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