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4 Ingenious Ideas To Give Your Garage A Stunning Makeover

August 28, 2015 Guest Post


Do you remember the last time you used your garage to park your car? Bet Not! Apart from a few exceptional cases out there, more often than not, garages are not used to store cars. Most of the times, garages cease to fulfill the purpose they’re built for, ultimately becoming the catchall for all sorts of junk and unwanted items. How about giving your garage a clever conversion and turning it into a more productive and interesting space? Listed below are 4 ingenious ideas that will give you some inspiration to give your unused garage a stunning makeover!

Entertainment Zone

Looking for the ultimate way to unwind during weekends and your off days? Want to have a permanent solution for all your boredom and work-related stress woes? If yes, it’s time you converted your garage into an entertainment zone! As it is, most of the times, the garage ceases to be used what it’s meant for, and ultimately turns into a dumping ground for junk and unwanted items. So, the most exciting makeover you could probably give to your garage would be that of an entertainment zone. With a cozy sofa where you can chill with friends over video games or movies, this place would be your perfect escape route from work, stress, and other worldly worries. You can even make room for a TT table and a mini pool table, depending on your budget and the amount of space available. There are plenty of other epic games you could include in your personal game room, such as Darts, Foosball, Chess, Scrabble, Monopoly, and so on.


Want to win over all your friends and guests with a splendid personal bar? Yes, converting your hopeless garage into a swanky bar is yet another amazing idea worth your consideration. Whether you want to host fun parties and get-together’s, chill with your best mates over a few beers and a football match, or even if you want to relax with a glass of red wine after a tiring week at work, a bar in the garage will be your perfect destination to unwind. Have a look over the internet and you’ll find hundreds of interesting bar designs from where you can get some inspiration. To add to the charm, you can even add a billiards table and a television set – perfect to chill out while enjoying a few drinks. So the next time you feel all stressed and worn out, why spend money at pubs and bars when you chill out at your very own personal garage bar!


Are you someone who owns more books than the number of clothes and shoes owned by your wife, sister, and daughter combined? Is reading your favorite passion? If yes, bookworms like you definitely need to consider converting your lifeless garage into a book lover’s paradise! Yes, with the perfect set of furniture, cozy couches, lighting, study lamps, and perhaps a tiny refrigerator and a coffee maker, you can create the perfect ambience and space for a library cum study room. Fill up the newly installed racks and shelves with your mounting book collection. You could even create different sections according to the subject and genre. To add to the appeal of your study room, you could station a desktop computer with internet access, where you can do all your surfing and research work, or where your children can work on their school projects or other school work. Is there anything better than having your very own reading haven where you can unwind with your favorite novel and a steaming mug of coffee after a hectic day at work? Bet not!


4 Ingenious Ideas To Give Your Garage A Stunning Makeover

Are you a fitness enthusiast? With your busy work schedule and odd office timings, finding it hard to make it to the gym on time every day? Well, how about having your personal gym which you can visit at any given time during the day, according to your convenience? Yes, all you fitness freaks and gym enthusiasts out there, converting your grungy garage into a personal gym is possibly the best gift you can give yourself! You can start by evaluating your needs and establishing a goal, which also includes determining the type of equipment you wish to install to reach your fitness goals. You might want to look into other things too, such as socket locations, wall mirrors, paint, flooring, a supply area, other entertainment needs, and so on. Why go through the hassle of commuting to the gym and paying a fee every month, especially when most of the times the gym is crowded and the equipment is occupied? Yes, the ultimate solution to fitness and your happiness lies in your personal garage gym!

Author Bio: Leslie Kramer, the author of this post, works as a manager at Australiana Garage Doors & Gates, leading providers of garage panel lift doors. Leslie is a culinary enthusiast and loves cooking various cuisines for her family whenever she gets time.


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