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4 Design Ideas for Your Conservatory Furniture

July 12, 2016 Guest Post, Home Improvement


The demand for conservatories and orangeries has never been as high as it is now due to the much-loved rise of social media. As these spaces are additional rooms in one’s home, it gives a person the wonderful opportunity to get creative! The space can be the perfect place to socialise with family and friends as well as being that place that you can escape to, to find some peace and quiet from the busy household! A conservatory is now the room that you add some flair to, making it the showcase, stylishly designed place in your house that you’re proud to show off.


When it comes to designing the space, you have a whole host of decor options that can be updated with each passing season. Whether it is light and bright for those sunny times or its homey and cosy for the cold winter weather, you have a number of choices available to you. To give you some help, we’ve listed some conservatory furniture design ideas that will inspire you to create that haven within your home.


Relax with Rattan

You can’t really have a conservatory without owning a rattan furniture suite! With advancements in designs, no longer is rattan thought off as something only your grandparents would own! Today, rattan pieces offer a style conscious solution to any back room. With hundreds of fabrics and ranges on offer, you can find a piece that perfectly matches your colour scheme as well as your layout. Finding the right conservatory furniture pieces can takes time so don’t rush into it. It is always best to start first with your sofa set, before matching the rest of the room to it. Practical as well as stunning, rattan is the best choice for the area due to its ability to handle the exposes and ultimately because it gives you that comfy place to retreat to after a hard day!


Consider The Flow

A simple way of creating an impressive conservatory design is to think of the area as a continuation of your downstairs rooms, whether it is your kitchen or living room. When people find themselves with a new room to decorate, they often overthink the space and treat it as its own entity that is different to the rest of your interior. Whilst this can work (if done well), a lot of the time it breaks up the feel of the home. For a great household aesthetic, consider creating a seamless interior. It is a guaranteed way of implementing a logical and effortless transition, keeping your home looking consistent with a natural flow about it. If you attempt to do too much with your conservatory, the room will become messy and you’ll subconsciously find yourself avoiding the area.


Lighting, Colour Scheme & Contrasts

As you begin to redecorate, you should assess the light in the room and look to let in as much as possible. Avoid heavy curtains, blinds and drapes that will take away the natural light entering the room. Next you should look at exploring with a variety of contrasts. Tipped as one of the top interior design trends of 2016, mix cushion colours, mix & match your chairs and add in colour blocks to create an eye-catching appearance.


The set purpose of orangeries and conservatories is to serve almost as a sun room so you need to make sure that you’re not blocking out those sources of light. Keep it light, bright and airy and don’t add too many darks additions that will dampen the spirit of your relaxation retreat.


Get Compact

Unless you’re fortunate to live in a mansion, for the majority of us, even the largest of conservatory’s is limited in its space. This is why when it comes to furnishings, you need to pick pieces that work best in your room. As mentioned above, before you begin to style the area with sofas or cane furniture, you need to take measure of the room and accurately plan where everything will go. If you choose pieces that are too big for the room, it will make it look small and cramped so by going compact, you can make the most of the space knowing that your furniture isn’t overpowering the room. Measure your furniture and the position you want to put it in, that way you won’t have any surprises when it turns up!


If on the other hand you’re wanting to add a dining room table to your extension, apply the same principles by taking into account the size of the table and its chairs. Staying simple and compact is always the best option when designing that stunning sunroom!


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