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3 Ways to Save your Home from Termites

October 15, 2015 Guest Post

The definition of home includes safety, care, love and support. This includes the condition of remaining safe from the pest attacks, which can ruin your daily lives, and even prove a serious danger to your health. The cunning rodents, termites and pests are anxiously waiting to get into your house through their hidden entrance gates like crevasse, ventilators, and wall cracks. When your property becomes a blend of meals, plentiful temperature and full of humidity, then it would be an invitation to this wood destroying termites. And honest to goodness, they are one annoying piece of a vermin.

3 Ways to Save your Home from Termites

What are Termites ?
Termites are the tiny insects which feed on wooden items and other items that are rotten and contain cellulose. These include fibres, plants, and other edible items which contain a high amount of cellulose. They are quite common in households, mainly around the areas where you have kept the wooden items. Your cupboards, tables, chairs, bed, wooden shelves and even the writing accessories like pencil will not escape from their mouth. They make their shelter in the dark and cold place and start their hibernation process. Their voracious eating habits can cause severe damage to plantation crops, house furniture and even forest trees.
Experts from pest control will scientifically check your home area through equipments like moisture meters, termite detection systems and IR thermometers and get rid of the annoying pests.

Types of Termites-
Drywood Termites:
These types of termites do not need to have moisture in their breeding process. They have a red body and wings of black colour and are usually found in homes and commercial areas.

Subterranean Termites:
People dwelling near the bushy or forest areas would be known to these subterranean termites. They have a black body and white wings and usually pass through mud shelter tubes. If a person is living far away from the coastal region then, there are high chances that termites can enter into his house.

Dampwood Termites:
Dampwood termites flourish in high moisture conditions. They do not need to stay under the ground or strive to keep contact with the soil in order to survive. Generally, these pests are found near water leaks or in hollow walls. If there is a wooden bark decaying, it would become the shelter for this termite, not to mention the dead tree, logs and stub.

Formosan Termites
Probably the most destructive species of termites are Formosan. They are said to be the part of subterranean species in wetlands.
Other than being harmful, termites are actually an essential remover of rot/ decomposition. These pests break down the strong plant fibers and recycle the dead and decaying trees into a new formation of soil. They are termed as hungry insects which in a way prove beneficial to the ecological health of the forest. Termites expose and amend the soil.

Termite Control Actions
There are several treatments to kill termites. So, it is very important to identify the vermin and give proper riddance to it. The team of pest control gives an ample amount of protection and treatment to the people living in the high-risk termite surrounding. Their methods of exterminating the termites include monitoring, baiting, and periodical termite inspection.

You can control the population of termite in your house by disinfectant liquids, termite baits and liquid sprays for termites available in the market. Also, there are chemicals available in the market which would prove to be an effective termite remover. However, make sure that these do not harm your surroundings or the health of your family. These chemicals will keep the termites away for a long time. For better precaution, get your home inspected at specific time periods to disguise the threat of prevailing termites.

Try creating a physical termite barrier. It is a layer of shield between the home and the soil. These layers are made up of stainless steel mesh and other materials created for termites, It makes them difficult to access the house areas. For precaution against the soil termites you can put a concrete slab under the surface of your house and a termite barrier.

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