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12 Signs You Are A Foodie

September 18, 2015 Guest Post


A ‘foodie’ is a person who is mad about food and has an interest in all things food related. Some people are really passionate about the food they eat and really enjoy cooking. If you are a foodie then you will probably do some of the following things. Here are 12 signs you are a genuine foodie.


1.Your kitchen is fully stocked with herbs and spices
Your kitchen looks like a professional chef’s kitchen because it’s packed with herbs and spices. You know exactly which herbs and spices to use for specific dishes and take a lot of pride in your collection.


2. You feel most at home in the kitchen
There’s no where else where you feel more at home than in the kitchen. You spend as much time as you can in your favourite room in the house. As soon as you step foot in the kitchen you are in your element and like to pretend you are a professional chef.


3. You actually enjoy food shopping
Most people hate going on a food shop, but not you. You look forward to your weekly shop and thoroughly enjoy selecting exciting ingredients from the supermarket aisles. You also shop at local farmers markets and like to buy fresh, local ingredients.


4. The quality of restaurants influences where you go on holiday
You don’t choose your holiday on the quality of the beaches or what activities are on offer, your holiday destinations are based purely on how good the restaurant selection is. Your favourite thing to do on holiday is to go out and sample the local cuisine.


5. You have a shelf full of cookbooks in your kitchen
There’s no space left on your kitchen shelves, mainly because they are stuffed full of cookbooks. You just can’t resist buying all the newest cookbooks and trying out hundreds of delicious recipes. Your friends frequently borrow your cookbooks and you get very angry when they fail to return them.


6. You have all the latest cooking accessories and gadgets
Your friends are in awe of all the high-tech kitchen gadgets you have, and you love showing them off. You really appreciate how important it is to have cooking utensils that are fit for their purpose. Every time an exciting new kitchen product is released you know about it and have to add it to your collection.


7. You can’t function without your expensive kitchen knives
All cooking enthusiasts and chefs know how important it is to have a decent knife set. According to Daniel from Kitchen Warehouse LTD “Your knife set is like your pride and joy. If there was a house fire, this is the one thing you would save.”


8. Your favourite topic of conversation is food
Most words that come out of your mouth are related to food. Your friends and family get sick of you talking about your favourite dishes and what you are going to have to for dinner every day.


9. You write a food blog, or have a desire to start one
You already write a food blog and update it most days with the latest dishes you have cooked. Or if you don’t have one then you intend on starting a food blog very soon.


10. You post pictures of all your meals on social media
Your Instagram account if full of pictures of amazing food and food selfies from around the world. You just can’t help but share pictures of the mouth-watering food you cook and eat.


11. You make everything from scratch
You won’t touch microwave meals or pre-prepared food. You make absolutely everything from scratch including bread, cakes, pastry and even pasta.


12. You live to eat
Your whole life revolves around when you are going to eat your next meal and the food that you cook.


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