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10 Tips To Spruce Up A Bland Modern Stairs Design

November 9, 2015 Guest Post


One of the biggest complaints from homeowners with modern stairs is that they can sometimes look a little bland, especially if they are located in an empty hallway without much else to look at. In this article, we have shared 10 of our favourite ways to “spruce up” your stairs and make them a real feature of your home. Which are you most interested in using?

10 Tips To Spruce Up A Bland Modern Stairs Design

• Ornate Molding – This will instantly add character to your stairs and is a great option for homes that have been decorated in more of a traditional style. The molding will need to be painted to ensure it blends in.


• Op Shopping – You never know what you will pick up in a second hand shop, so why not keep an eye out for something to adorn your modern stairs? A light feature, mounted on the bottom post, is a popular addition.


• Library Space – Does your staircase have a landing or empty space at the top that is otherwise unused? Why not turn it into a makeshift library by installing some low bookcases? These can be built in or removable.


• Remove Carpet – If your stairs have been carpeted, one of the best ways to give them a refresh is to completely remove the carpet. You can paint the treads in a refreshing, modern colour that complements your décor.


• Storage Underneath – A lot of people notice that the space beneath their staircase is wasted, so put it to good use by installing storage. Shelving and cupboards are the most popular way to utilise this space.


• Spiral Stairs – Some homeowners choose to completely replace the staircase in favour of a spiral flight, which takes up less room. This often enables the space to double as a room, such as an office or library.


• Custom Millwork – One of the great things about investing in custom millwork for your stairs is that it will last a lifetime. It will also add an interesting and decorative touch to the flight that wasn’t there previously.


• Getaway Nook – Many staircases are known for creating dead space, but these little nooks can be used to create secret getaways. Popular options are a study niche, a reading nook or even a child’s guest sleep out.


• Salvage Parts – If you know of a beautiful old building that is going to be demolished, you might be able to salvage some of the components to spruce up your modern stairs (such as newel posts and railings).


• Oak Railings – When it comes to carving intricate designs into your rails, oak is the timber of choice. This is because it is quite easy to work with and will give your home a natural touch that cannot be replicated.


If you have been looking at your modern stairs lately and thinking that they look a little bland, we hope that you find one of the above ideas useful in sprucing the flight up. Whilst not many of the tips we have shared with you will traditionally fit in the ‘modern’ category, we are sure that they will give your stairs a new lease on life that will continue well into the future.


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