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The Benefits Of Using Granite Pavers In Your Stone Paving Project

December 3, 2015 Exterior Design


Did you know that granite pavers have been used in building and construction for hundreds of years? This incredible material was also used in ancient architecture and was used historically by the royals in their courtyards. This goes to show how effective granite is in high traffic areas. Even today, this material is a popular choice for stone paving applications – we have outlined the benefits of making such a decision for your own project.

The Benefits Of Using Granite Pavers In Your Stone Paving Project

• Aesthetics
There can be no denying that granite pavers are incredibly beautiful and appealing. They are cut from natural stone and are available in an array of colours and hues. The pavers will also blend in well with its surroundings, whether they have been used in your landscaping or somewhere inside your home. Many homeowners ultimately use this material as a way of blending the indoor and outdoor areas of their homes.


• Durability
If you are looking for stone paving that will stand the test of time, granite is a fantastic choice. It features a very hard surface that is difficult to scratch or chip and doesn’t show wear. This makes these pavers perfect for use in the high traffic areas of your home, as it will last a lifetime (and certainly much longer than the other materials at your disposal). The stone is also colourfast and stain resistant.


• Safety
Granite is ideal for use around swimming pools and bathrooms – where a lot of water will be splashed onto the floor and where people will be walking. Because the stone has a hardwearing, rough surface, you will find that it is relatively slip-resistant. You won’t have to worry about your children slipping over and falling into the pool or hurting themselves (because you know they are going to run no matter what).


• Low Maintenance
There is actually very little maintenance involved with granite pavers, making them the perfect choice for busy homeowners. It is recommended that you seal the surface once a year, as this will help to reduce the chance of permanent staining, and that you regularly give it a sweep. Any spills should be cleaned up immediately, as this will also reduce the chance of stains being able to take hold.


• Non-Combustible
Another great thing about this type of stone paving is that it is 100% non-combustible. This means that granite is completely fireproof and heat resistant, making it suitable for use near your fireplace or barbeque. It won’t easily be damaged by heat exposure. It also means that the pavers won’t grow too hot to walk on during the summer (which is a real concern for many homeowners).


Granite pavers are being seen in homes around Australia more and more often as time passes. They are perfect for use as flooring, wall tiling, bench tops, fireplaces and even vanities. If you are interested in learning more about this stone paving or in discussing your own project further, make sure you contact a supplier with a number of years experience and a proven track record for providing high quality and beautiful stone.


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