Sunday, August 2, 2015

Is it Time for a New Water Heater (and Other Concerns)?

August 1, 2015 Guest Post

Plumbing concerns are one of the major issues homeowners inevitably face. If you do not have much plumbing experience, things like a leaking water heater can become a major concern.

Plumber II Is it Time for a New Water Heater (and Other Concerns)?
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Easy Ways to Keep Your Home Pest-Free

Guest Post

As a homeowner, you likely prefer to keep wildlife outdoors and house pets indoors. However, as hard as you may try, pests like squirrels, raccoons, mice, rats, birds, and insects may seem to find their way in. By utilizing the tips and tricks below, you can reduce your risk of pest infestation.
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Extravagant Apartment Design in Moscow

July 31, 2015 Apartment, Interior Design

This extravagant apartment is located in Moscow, Russia. The bedroom wall is covered by carpet that has same motif with floor carpet. Bedroom furniture placed front of the bed. The spot light is applied to this room, that can create cooler atmosphere. The bathroom with circle bathtub, bathroom furniture is side of the bathtub.  The living room floor with wood floor, this room for met with the family, speaking each other while watching TV. Front of the living room, behind the TV is dining room. Check below,,,

Extravagant apartment bedroom Extravagant Apartment Design in Moscow
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Why Your New House Doesn’t Feel Like Home Just Yet

Guest Post

Moving into a new home is a process that can cause a surprising mix of emotions. Of course you should be jubilant that you’re moving up in the world and that you’ve gotten somewhere for yourself that you can enjoy spending time in and relaxing in more than your last property, and you should be excited to start decorating and making it yours.
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Office Furniture by Beauparlant Design

July 30, 2015 Furniture, Interior Design

Based in Toronto, Ontario, Beauparlant Design has areas of work:
• Space planning and conceptual design consulting
• Architectural interiors for residential, workplace and retail
• Construction drawings, specification and site coordination
• Furniture and custom cabinetry design
Below Furniture work of Beauparlant Design

Office Furniture by Beauparlant Office Furniture by Beauparlant Design
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