Saturday, February 28, 2015

Redesigned Yelp’s Office Interiors in San Francisco by Studio O+A

February 28, 2015 Interior Design, Office Design

This Yelp’s Office Interiors in San Francisco, this office was redesigned by Studio O+A. The wall decorate with some custom wallpaper. One of them is Yelp logo.
So why did Yelp revamp? Probably because it can. Last year, the company almost doubled its U.S. audience, and pageviews shot up 150 percent. Revenues are estimated at $30 to $50 million a year. Sexing up the office is a media-friendly way of saying to the world, “We’re not a scrappy upstart anymore.” Next up: Yachts for every employee?

Comfortable office interior Yelp’s Office Interiors Redesigned Yelp’s Office Interiors in San Francisco by Studio O+A
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How to Choose the Home Interior Color to Get Comfort Living

Interior Design

How to Choose the Home Interior Color to Get Comfort Living. Through proper color selections will change the psychological in the room. Here the Tricks:

1. Colors for narrow space
In narrow space, bright colors suitable for use on the wall because it will give the impression area. Bright colors make the distance between the walls seem further away from the real.

The white color is the best option, an effect that can approach derived from the color light blue or pale blue. However, it would be optimal, if the bright colors combined with large windows for natural light to enter.

2. Colors for large space
Large space gives the impression of cold and alienated. For that, use dark or warm colors like brown or navy blue. These colors will create an intimate atmosphere that close the gap between the wall and eliminates the cold atmosphere.

Fun home interior color How to Choose the Home Interior Color to Get Comfort Living

Fun home interior color

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High Tech Kitchen for a Small Size Apartments

February 27, 2015 Kitchen Design

If your apartment is not to large or small apartment that you have. This kitchen is very suitable for you. Inspired by mobile phone rotating mechanism samaldesign has designed high tech kitchen for small space apartment.

Modular Kitchen for a small size apartments High Tech Kitchen for a Small Size Apartments
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5 Common Home Repairs and How to Handle Them

Guest Post

Your house is your fortress and every now and then your fortress needs repairs. You can call in a professional if you want, but certain mundane tasks can be handled by you. Home repairs are something everyone needs to get used to. Otherwise, you’ll always be relying on someone else to keep your house maintained in proper order. There are many odd jobs around the house that need your attention and it’s time you learnt to deal with them. Here are 5 common home repairs and how you can handle them. Read more…

Discovering creative conservatory with stunning interior designing

February 26, 2015 Guest Post

Building a conservatory is the smartest way to increase your living space as well as increase the use of natural light. Conservatory is one of the most popular ways to enjoy the outside views all year round without being worried about temperatures or harsh weather and climatic conditions. As we construct conservatory, we need to think about its style, its interior designing and many more things. An attractive conservatory with good interior design will give you relaxation and mental peace. In the following section we are presenting some of the common conservatory styles and some popular interior designing styles as specified by conservatory company Southampton:
• Garden style conservatory is one of the most common choices of conservatory builders, which gives classy look to your conservatory with best applicable interior designing. Furniture painted with soothing colors like white or light green will give classic garden feel to any conservatory. Planting plenty of plants will keep temperature of conservatory mild and will provide a cozy atmosphere with a feeling of small garden. If you are opting for an English garden theme, you can use oak furniture to furnish your conservatory and can avoid white furniture theme. For giving more attractive look to your bird cages can be used.

conservatory white Discovering creative conservatory with stunning interior designing
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