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September 16, 2014 Architecture Design, Modern House Design

This home from freshome readers, inspiring home design.
The inspiration and proposal behind the manage without bedroom project came from a strip of Fornasetti wallpaper we had. We framed it in the bathroom and leave it up higher than the bath. Used yellow to add a playful come into contact with. The dark grey walls worked really well as the place is quite not inconsiderable, it really creates such a cheerful,cosy effect in the space. Most items in the bedroom are upcycled pieces. The headboard we found on a dump place, we recently painted it black. The elevation schedule we found in a antique superstore it was a old linen box.The lockers were found in a pawn superstore, we had them powder coated and found the information on them by a car wader vending. Who says you can just have forty winks in the chief bedroom?

Inspiring Home Design Search Inspiring Home Design
Inspiring Home Design
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Luxury Residence with 15 Sustainability Features by Altius Architecture

Luxury House Design

Luxury Residence with 15 Sustainability Features by Altius Architecture. This residence was designed by Altius Architecture with sustainable technologies. Sustainability Features of this luxury home consist of 15 feature :
1. Program and Spatial Optimization.
2. Integration with the ‘Natural Assets’ of your Site and Terrain.
3. Site Specific View and Vista Optimization.
4. Passive Solar Heating.
5. Natural Ventilation and Passive Cooling.
6. Natural Daylighting.
7. High Performance Envelope Design.
8. Material Optimization and Modular Design.
9. Renewable Materials and Finishes.
11. Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) and Non-toxic Materials and Finishes.
12. Advanced Geothermal Systems.
13. Radiant Heating.
14. Heat Recovery Ventilation.
15. Low Energy Lighting & Appliances.
16. Water Conserving Appliances & Fixtures.

Luxuey Home Design in Collingwood Luxury Residence with 15 Sustainability Features by Altius Architecture

Luxury Residence by Altius Architecture

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4 Spaces at Home That Could Be Your Ultimate Chill-out Zone

September 15, 2014 Guest Post

Do you badly need some “me” time after a hectic week at work? Looking for some awesome ways to unwind at home rather than heading outdoors? Exactly, why head outside when you can have some ultimate relaxation and plenty of fun at home itself? Whether you’ve realized it or not, there are some extremely interesting spaces at your home where you can unwind and de-stress over the weekend, without bothering to go out. Listed below are 5 interesting areas of your home that you’ve probably been underestimating till now, where you can have plenty of fun, entertainment and lots of relaxation. Read more…

Amazing Villa with Beautiful View of Lake Maggiore by Swiss Architects

Luxury House Design

This is a amazing villa was located in lake Maggiore. It has beatiful view of lake Maggiore and the nature view round the lake. This two level villa with U-shaped floor plan design. The U-shaped will be obvious when viewed from above.

If viewed from front side this villa consist of three building these are left side, right side and the middle as a connectivity between the two buildings. Lower floor and the upper floor connected by simple stair with clear glass on one side. This located on middle building. The stair can view from the out of the building because the wall of middle building made from clear glass.

Amazing villa on Lake Maggiore Amazing Villa with Beautiful View of Lake Maggiore by Swiss Architects

Amazing villa on Lake Maggiore

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3 Benefits to Having Leather Living Room Furniture

September 14, 2014 Furniture

When it’s time to shop for living room furniture, you may be inclined to look longingly at leather living room furniture, but pass by it thinking it’s not practical for your lifestyle. The following three benefits associated with leather furniture will assure you that you can indeed enjoy the luxury of leather.

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